Friday, May 29, 2009

El Paso (drama) politics

Goodness! Reading online & in the newspaper -- especially about El Paso politicians -- is enough to make one scream!

The big news -- EMBARRASSING news -- was Norma Chavez dissing Melissa Marquez during the celebration of Chavez' graduation from college because according to Chavez, Marquez hasn't shown her "the respect" she deserves after working to get Marquez elected. Excuse me? The voters elected her. YOU did not "get" her elected. While you helped & she has said this many times, you are owed no more special treatment than any other campaign worker. Period. So, Norma -- get over yourself!

like an immature 22 year old, which Norma is NOT, she acted as a child pitching a tantrum under the stress. While Chavez may not appreciate, or even like, Marquez, they BOTH owe El Paso an apology for acting so childish. The text messages were, to say the least, tacky in the extreme -- & to say the most, rude & uncalled for. Chavez should have had the brains & the backbone to actually call Marquez to say this or sort this out. Instead, she acted like a teenager lost in the world of "it's all about me!"

Chavez says....Marquez says....she did....well, SHE can't come to my party! And, here - take your present back! and the card! There!!!! That'll show you!

What it showed the rest of us was that the two of you are immature to the extreme! You weren't sent to Austin to be best friends or roomies or playmates. We, the constituents (remember us?), expect you to work for the good of El Paso. As with every person who works, there are people we don't particularly care for personally, but we can respect the job they do or the work they do. We can respect their achievements & acknowledge them. If, in returning a gift in this very public, petty, nasty way was an example of Chavez' ability to get along with others, we are in trouble.

This was an embarrassment. Petty. Spiteful. Vindictive. Those are the words I think of when I hear their names.

And so do a lot of other El Pasoans. So ladies - take a hint -- GROW UP! You do not have to like each other, but yes we expect you to get along to work for the best interests of EL PASO! Do the jobs you were hired for & do them well. Or we will find others who WILL do the jobs well.

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