Wednesday, June 03, 2009

And you are surprised WHY?

Headlines blare from the local newspulp that the economy here in El Paso is not only NOT going to grow, it is going to be under a huge burden. NOT planning for this by the Mayor & City Council & school districts ridiculous. Spending $$ like water, which are both in short supply in the desert, should have stopped ages ago. Spending $$ that does not exist in the coffers is asking - begging - for problems. This begs the addage: FAILURE TO PLAN INSURES PLANNING TO FAIL.

Now that there will be no influx of a Brigade into Fort Bliss, El Paso businesses are sweating. Those on the edge were hoping to stay alive with the prospect of newcomers; businesses making it, were hoping to grow & prosper. However, there will be no new growth with military in El Paso. The word 'stagnant' comes to mind here. It saddens me. It worries me because now the city will have to come up with a way to pay for projects they have approved. Schools were gearing up for larger classes, improvements planned for roads, stormwater projects, name it -- they will all have to be re-examined.

My biggest question is this: for every person who bought into 'hope & change' - is THIS the CHANGE you HOPED would happen? You cannot be surprised since the protection of our nation & Military is far down the list of priorities for congress & presidency. Those in place right now, voting on spending $$ on the local or Federal levels, are simply voting to control YOU.

YOU granted CHANGE with votes. How much HOPE do you have now for the future?

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