Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why are we surprised......

....children are so interested in sex by the age of 4 or 5 since almost everything on television -- the typical babysitter/occupier -- is so sexually blatant?

....that our daughters dress like streetwalkers (prostitutes) when that's what is shown to them on television, and in print, by their 'idols'?

....that our sons treat females as though they are all whores as they 'dress for sex' from a very young age?

....that our children have no respect for their parents -- who want to be the child's 'best friend' rather than a parent?

....that our children do not volunteer unless forced to, when most adults do not volunteer their own time?

....the generation coming through colleges right now have never had to suffer and wants, therefore ANY economic problem must be resolved by the government?

....the generation coming up now has their (collective) hand out begging because they are 'owed' all the things the Constitution promises us the right to PURSUE?

....the coming generations do not understand the difference between what is a RIGHT and what they WANT?

....people are not acknowledging that the only money the government has to GIVE OUT is taxpayer money?

....that people who have been handed everything are the very ones DEMANDING their rights, more money, more freebies, mortgage favoritism leaving those who quietly go about their own life in a solid way are still quietly going about their lives quietly & with calm & dignity?

....that any dissenting opinion brings screams of racism when the only ones I heard using that term were the very ones claiming to be on the receiving end of racism?

....that any respectful questioning of our President is met with screams & howls of outrage that anyone dares to question him at all?

....that the media lies to all of us over & over & over & then wants bailing out by the President, the Senate & the Congress for their bad business decisions?

Why am I surprised that people are not understanding the following: businesses fail, companies lay off workers, profit margins fall, stock prices fall (& rise), bad mortgages were given & therefore the owners will default?

But most of all, why does anyone think they are OWED a damn thing in this life? We each have the ability to get ahead. Stacking the deck in favor for one person/party/view will not now, nor will it EVER, guarantee success.

Grow up. Live within your means. Hold your representatives in Congress & Senate accountable. Do the best you can with what you have.

And stop demanding your RIGHT to have everyone else support you in the style to which you would like to become accustomed.

It is called GROWING UP. Try it. IF you dare.