Monday, May 25, 2009

Out & about

  • just got an email from "Country First PAC" & being the curious person I am, went to the site. Surprise of surprises (sarcasm) it is all about John McCain. I am not knocking McCain's war experiences or love of country, since he is so quick to remind me of those. However, he is a RINO, has been a RINO for a very long time, will always be a RINO. He has the right to send out begging letters or emails or even notes on lunch bags, but he does not have the right to continue to lie about being a CONSERVATIVE. He is not.

    I am not certain he even knows what a true CONSERVATIVE is, wants, or needs. I also believe it is too late for him to discover the true meaning of the word & apply it to his life. And that is unfortunate because it is time to elect someone who know the meaning of the word, lives & breathes the precepts of a true conservative & replace McCain with that person.

  • Florida gov. Charlie Crist is running (already) for retiring sen. Pruitt's seat. The Republican Nat'l Senate Committee (RNSC) has added their voice to his campaign. No money yet tho as he will have opponents in the primary. Since Crist has publicly stated he will be like Specter (former RINO, now an official Dem w/no seniority or power), I believe the RNSC has made a HUGE misstep that should be corrected NOW. The GOP is losing support daily by foolish decisions such as these. And Crist? He's a putz, in favor of a nanny-state, flips & flops, & I sincerely hope he loses in the primary. Altho I do feel sorry for the people of Florida....elections are 17 months away. It's going to be a long long 17 months for them.

  • The prez is poised to announce his nominee for the Supreme Court. I know this because every news channel & newspaper & blog & internet blog has said every day: today might be the day. The POTUS keeps his name in the news by simply teasing these people into believing that 'oops, not today - maybe tomorrow'. Even his mouthpiece announced last week at the morning 'briefing' for the news people that the prez would be announcing his nominee at 6:30 a.m. the next morning', laughed at the groaning sycophants & said 'gotcha'. Haha. Good joke. NOT. Of all the things I hear the prez saying he wants in this appointee, empathy, sympathy, knowledge of laws of the world at large (tall order, but needs only the socialistic ones), sycophanty (is that even a word), adulation for his every word (ok, he hasn't actually said that one) -- what I do not hear is: aware of & well versed in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights & Amendments, as well as the Laws of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I believe he is looking for someone to change the Supreme Court into a complete law-making body. It must be exhausting for the prez tho, looking always for adulation & admiration. Doesn't it get old for him? It sure has for WE THE PEOPLE. He was hired to do a TEMPORARY job. And thus far, I am not impressed. I want to be, as he is President of my country. As long as he continues on the socialism path, I will continue to pray for our country to make it through until his term is up. It is going to be a long 3 years & 8 months.

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