Thursday, May 28, 2009

where does it end?

around & around & around it goes....where it stops....nobody knows.

Every GRASS ROOTS organization had better get busy. NOW. The world is literally turning upside down, downside up, left is right, right is left. Okay those last 2 are wrong. The left is still the left in all it's delusional grandeur -- bho raising $$ to try to save Harry Reid's butt in Nevada & then jetting off to hang with hollyweird sycophants & pour more $$ bho's way. Why is bho's mis-use of oil perfectly ok but YOUR use of oil (gas, etc.) to get to work & earn a living is wrong? He has already stated he wants to see gas at prices no one can afford - well, except for him & his buddies.

News grows more disturbing daily:
  • lawyers deciding which Chrysler dealers will be closed - minority owned &/or dem supporters stay open
  • the idea of Koh running around deciding what laws will change in the U.S. to better mirror the U.N. & world-view
  • bho spouting off that he wants to do 'more' - what, he forgot the change in piggybanks?
  • N.Korea is conducting nuke tests & threatening S.Korean & U.S. ships
  • bho is hosting/kissing up to Palestinian pres
  • bho disses Israeli Pres. & tells him to lop off part of Israel for Palestine
  • Pakistan is falling apart with the Taliban taking over larger portions daily
  • U.S. housing market is still bad & getting worse - but a/p (always partisan?) reports as a gain of .03 in new home sales.
  • Mortgage delinquencies/foreclosures are rising daily - more than 12% of mortgages are behind in payments
  • Fed deficit is the trigger for inflation -- get ready to see the balloon bust
  • (per Fox News) Supreme Court: 63% of Americans believe the U.S. Constitution should be the defining law; 30% of Americans believe SCOTUS rulings should be based on 'international laws'.Last I heard, this was still the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, formed under the CONSTITUTION, defined with the BILL OF RIGHTS & AMENDMENTS
  • Sotomayor is the SCOTUS nominee of bho. sly? yep. self-serving? yep. slimy? yep. Will be voted in? yep.
  • A few (3 to be exact) climate reports are trying to revive/save al gore/bho/climate hysteria. IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF. Every report is based on IF.....THUS HAPPENS & IF SO HAPPENS, then certain areas of the ocean will rise. IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF I win the lotter, I can move to another country until America is returned to sanity! IF I can find a country to move to.

    REMEMBER: CONSERVATIVE is not a dirty word.

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