Friday, June 12, 2009

Amnesty (again?!)

Times are tough. Everyone is worried about money, their pension, job (if they still have one), car (will their brand exist anymore), how to afford college or at least to help with the costs for their kids. Now the president & congress want to hand MILLIONS of criminals a 'free pass'. In 1986, 2.8 million illegal immigrants were given amnesty & 23 years later, about 20 million are looking for amnesty. Why have we ignored almost a million people a year to stealing into our country? Why have officials overlooked this?

DO NOT call me a racist or a bigot or anti-immigrant or prejudiced. I am none of those & have had enough of that ridiculous misdirection!!!!! The magician has left the building......

When running for prez, bho talked about the 20 million here in the U.S. illegally. The jobless number for Americans is now at least 16+ million, with more jobs being cut every day. Will we have double that after amnesty is granted & those without jobs apply for benefits & social services? Where will the money come from to support them? Taxpayers of course. YOU.

Have you ever broken the law? Speeding - eventually you will be caught & ticketed. Drinking & Driving - see the previous answer & add a trip to jail.
Now consider breaking into someone's home. Have you done that? Has it been done to you? Did they take things you worked hard to get? Did your insurance costs go up?

Well, it is about to happen to every United States Citizen & LEGAL immigrant; your home has been already been broken into & now come the repair bills plus the criminals will walk free. Whatever taxes you pay, be ready to 'be patriotic' & pay more.

Also, could someone - anyone - tell me when illegals (criminals) had the right to DEMAND their 'rights'? What rights? They protest 'inhumane' U.S. immigration policies -- EXCUSE ME? What country would allow illegals to protest in the streets demanding THEIR rights, what THEY are owed, flying the flag of their (origin) country on a pole ABOVE an upside-down U.S. flag (signal for distress) if it was flown at all? In any other country they would be arrested or worse.

Who decided this was the way to gain sympathy for illegals? What it did was anger ordinary people, the usually silent ones. So at the next rally, having realized those outside of Hollywood were not supportive, country of origin flags were less prominently displayed, they waved little U.S. flags for cameras but then threw them in the street or bushes (personally witnessed this). They still DEMANDED their 'rights'.

Again, I ask - what RIGHTS & from whom are they owed? Another absurd part: students leaving schools, without permission, to march in protests were given extra credit for 'participating in the democratic process'. Those who chose to stay in school got no extra credit.
That is discrimination!

Now, right now, congress is preparing to grant amnesty. Forgive all illegals, even gang members if they say they are no longer a gang member. If there are strings, they will be made of the thinnest thread & meaningless. They plan to hand criminal aliens -- they DID break FEDERAL laws, not 'civil' (Napolitano you ignorant biotch) -- a free pass, a get-out-of-jail-free card. There is no incentive, want or need to become part of the 'melting pot' of America, to pledge allegiance to this country.

Some truly ARE wanting to be a full, recognized citizen because they love this country as their own. Some have enlisted in the armed forces prepared to make the sacrifices to protect our nation. I admire them & will support their citizenship. It is the ones who are here to merely 'take' whatever they can get - them I have a problem with. Of course, I despise anyone, citizen or not, who believes they are 'owed' anything simply because they exist. That is the message of the majority of the marchers - I 'owe' them because they are here.

No other country in the world would allow this. If I illegally enter another country or overstay my VISA, I will be found & sent home, if lucky, or to prison. Once my prison sentence is up, I will be deported, usually at my own expense.

Illegals broke the laws of our nation by sneaking into our country or overstaying a VISA. They knowingly broke the law. Now, they will be rewarded. How is this fair?

Immigrants who have been waiting for years for approval to come to our country LEGALLY, are now being sent to the back of the bus. This is discrimination so h
ow is this fair?
Since someone broke the law by coming & staying here illegally, what other laws will they ignore or break? Who will be the 1st lawyer to use the defense "my client was an illegal, now legal, but just didn't understand it was wrong to drink & drive/speed/burglarize/rob/rape/assault/kill/commit a crime in this country."

Those most angry are the actual immigrants who applied, followed the law, waited for permission, & finally came here to legally work & become citizens. They are asking why they had to follow the law. They wonder why they had to wait, why they have to learn English.

Amnesty was granted
during Reagan. Now the problem has mushroomed & D.C. is looking to grant amnesty again.

How long before it has to be done again? How many will be given a free pass the next round?

How many more people can YOU support? Get will be sick when you find out how much more you will have to pay.....

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Monday, June 08, 2009

the magic of MIS-DIRECTION continues.....

No matter what anyone says or thinks, obama has planned all along to make us just like England & Australia, etc: NO GUNS. period. Simple. Forget the 2nd Amendment if you are an ordinary citizen of this country. Pretend it never existed. It won't exist soon - at least not in the way most citizens read it, studied it, believed the rights it granted.

Guns are - if he has his own way - only to be had for police (in certain areas, under certain circumstances, distributed by certain government agencies ONLY), obama's own version of brown-shirts & his body guards, military only if necessary & that too will be decided by his version of a government watch group.

This is my view right now on him: that MAGICIAN TRAINING is PAYING OFF BIG TIME. It is the magician's oldest & best trick: MIS-DIRECTION.

stirs up controversy by a small-time argument such as SCOTUS nominee, then jets around on his second apology tour across the 'big water': both are simple mis-direction.

All the while people are watching HIM with his b.s. back in the U.S., bills are being created, & some passed, that are not even being looked at by Americans yet they will definitely affect how Americans live their lives.

Unfortunately, he is good at it. AND worse yet, he will have 'deniability' -- geez, I was out of the country, I cannot control congress, I didn't know, etc. etc. etc. All the while, HIS wants are being fulfilled by his little minions in the senate & the house of representatives.

Don't believe me? Think about this for a while. Think about him having the temerity to lecture Muslims on how they need to feel & think of Israel all the while he is lecturing Israel about how they must give up Jerusalem as well as part of their country (gained in a war or not) because, well, he SAYS so. And some idiot woman delivers the line: Michelle Obama should TALK to Muslim women & they would be different; they would listen to HER because she is such a 'great lady'.

EXCUSE ME? WHAT? ARE YOU INSANE or JUST ON SOME REALLY REALLY REALLY STRONG PSYCHOTIC DRUGS? What is it, exactly, she has done to deserve such glowing praise? Shown up at a soup-kitchen wearing 400+ dollar tennis shoes, for a photo op. Oh, I forgot. In the midst of all this financial turmoil, most everyday people spend $400 or more on their sneakers.

With a teleprompter, obama can deliver a speech with the right inflections, the right pauses, the right emphasis on certain passages. Without a teleprompter, he is a mess. The 'ums, ahs, wells, ohs, ummmms' drive me to the point that, as with al bore - excuse me, - al gore, uh, um, well, I , um, well, um ah, cannot stand to watch. It is pathetic. As well as painful to watch. MIS-DIRECTION

Trying to be fair, I actually TRIED to watch al bore's movie & I couldn't get past his ignorant command of the english language. He stutters & stammers & doesn't seem to know what he is about to say, what he has just said, and why he is even talking about any of this stuff. Oh, yeah - the money he is planning to make if he can just get enough people to believe in HIS theory of global warming. These are classic signs - as with obama - of lying. Either by COMMISSION or OMISSION. Which one? Only time will tell.

Since obama seems to be a darling of the hollyweird crowd, he can go on to be a 'great actor' once his career as POTUS is over. Altho, I a just waiting to see how long it is before pelosi or biden or reid or some other sycophant proposes to get rid of term limits for the POTUS. Just wait, it will happen. MIS-DIRECTION

But someone better start telling the truth. The 'magic show' continues but don't ever say you were not warned. Remember:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

And you are surprised WHY?

Headlines blare from the local newspulp that the economy here in El Paso is not only NOT going to grow, it is going to be under a huge burden. NOT planning for this by the Mayor & City Council & school districts ridiculous. Spending $$ like water, which are both in short supply in the desert, should have stopped ages ago. Spending $$ that does not exist in the coffers is asking - begging - for problems. This begs the addage: FAILURE TO PLAN INSURES PLANNING TO FAIL.

Now that there will be no influx of a Brigade into Fort Bliss, El Paso businesses are sweating. Those on the edge were hoping to stay alive with the prospect of newcomers; businesses making it, were hoping to grow & prosper. However, there will be no new growth with military in El Paso. The word 'stagnant' comes to mind here. It saddens me. It worries me because now the city will have to come up with a way to pay for projects they have approved. Schools were gearing up for larger classes, improvements planned for roads, stormwater projects, name it -- they will all have to be re-examined.

My biggest question is this: for every person who bought into 'hope & change' - is THIS the CHANGE you HOPED would happen? You cannot be surprised since the protection of our nation & Military is far down the list of priorities for congress & presidency. Those in place right now, voting on spending $$ on the local or Federal levels, are simply voting to control YOU.

YOU granted CHANGE with votes. How much HOPE do you have now for the future?