Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pedophiles YES Vets NO

Just when I think politicians in Washington can sink no lower, they show they have not yet reached bottom.

The Hate Crimes Bill actually will add protection even for pedophiles. They will be able to claim they fall under the 'special group' clauses of the bill. FOX News' Megyn Kelly reports on how the Democrats voted to protect pedophiles but not veterans. She talked with the author of the amendment to correct this, Republican Steve King of Iowa, about this travesty.

King wanted to make sure that people who commit sex crimes against children don't get special protection under the amendment, and every single Democrat voted against this. Later, the same group decided that veterans do not need special protection they are offering to others because veterans & military personnel do not/have not suffered any type of real problems. I guess being spit on, attacked, screamed at, hit, their offices being blown up &/or set on fire, being denied access to airports or schools -- beginning in the 60s & continuing today -- does not count.

Click on this blog title to view the exchange between Megyn & Rep. King.

The House of Representatives is pathetic - every Democrat should be deeply ashamed of this 'Hate Crimes' bill.


Tell them you are tired of being discriminated against -- & if you believe I'm wrong think about this: if one group gets special consideration because of 'sexual orientation' or any other group specified in this bill & you do not fit one of those designations, it automatically by it's own definition, denies you the same exclusive protections. Therefore, these bills are actually CREATING discriminatory classes.

Are you covered under any special bills? If not, where is the bill protecting your rights? Oops. That was The Bill of Rights & it's Amendments plus the Constitution. These documents are out of fashion, no longer valid, no longer necessary, no longer used. Bypassing them seems to be the style of this 'open, honest, transparent' administration & congress.

THIS IS A NEW LOW EVEN FOR POLITICIANS. I'm waiting to see what is next.


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