Monday, May 25, 2009

Sir Newton was right

FIRST LAW: A body at rest or of uniform motion, stays at rest or in uniform motion, unless an external unbalanced force changes this.
SECOND LAW: The net force on an object is equal to the size & weight of the object multiplied by its acceleration.

THIRD LAW: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
These three laws of motion, forming the scientifically accepted basis for classical mechanics, are the work of Sir Issac Newton (1643-1727). I remind you of them in a simplistic form. Think of them, especially the 3rd Law, in relation to the actions being taken in Washington with congress. Congress should be made aware of these laws & the sooner, the better because they are PROVING one or more of these laws with the passing of every bill.

During campaigns, candidates tell us how smart they are & how much they will do for us. Do any of them ever tell the truth that no matter how smart they think they are or what they plan to do, they will screw things up for us?
In fact, do they ever tell the truth? Their 1st concern is getting elected & from then their focus is on re-election & POWER.

Why would anyone one spend MILLIONS of dollars to get a (supposed to be) temporary job that pays around $150,000? There has to be a way to make money as almost every congressman & senator is a multi-millionaire after 1 or 2 terms in office.

Thinking about it, their last bit of truth was most likely when they stated their name. From then on, we are supposed to just take whatever they do, & say, regardless of how it negatively affects us & then keep re-electing these same self-serving liars.

Read Star Parker's comments on about the 'government plantation' (& other things), remember the 3 Laws of Motion, & learn to say "yes sir, mass'ah sir" to the nanny-state government coming soon to YOUR paycheck, YOUR healthcare, YOUR mortgage company, YOUR bank, YOUR area, YOUR life, YOU.

Be ready to move on to the plantation.

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