Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wind shifts?

Today, the voters of California head to the polls to vote on important issues that will have far-reaching implications for every citizen & business. More that just that state, the directives by the voters will give an indication of what is to come in every state in America.

California is deeply in debt. For years the massive spending to satisfy certain political supporters & groups has saddled more & more debt on citizens & businesses. Now everything has come to a boil - the bills are due & there is no money to pay them. So, it is back to the constituents to cajole, beg, compliment, promise, even threaten to cut necessary programs.

News reports today are predicting only 25% of voters will go to the polls. I believe this would have been true before the Tea Party events & Grass Roots movement. The Tea Parties in California were huge & attracted people from ALL walks of life. Now, I believe there will be more voters than expected. I believe the 'silent majority' will begin to speak today.

I sincerely wish all Californians the courage Ms. Prejean showed when she represented your state, whether or not you agreed with her statement. I hope & pray every voter will make the effort to get to the polls & let their voice be heard.

Good luck, California. You need it.

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