Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what are we doing?

Listening to the matter what seems to be an absolute that the house & senate are going to pass some sort of healthcare takeover by the government.

WHY? Can these idiots in the house/senate have not been listening to all the discussions, protests, pleas, begging, etc. that has taken place since April 15, 2009? Are they really & truly that deaf?

Short answer: YES
Long answer: YES

For far too long, & yes I was once one of these people, WE THE PEOPLE have gone to the polls & elected people that we actually thought were working for us. Then I went back to my life -- raising children, participating in the community, being a person with a busy life. And now I have woken up & am really truly angry at what Ron Kind & Russ Feingold have/haven't done for Wisconsin. I am truly angry for Texas as I experience Sylvestre Reyes & Kay Bailey-Hutchinson for the same reasons, what they have/haven't done. And I am spending a lot of time here in Texas with my Dad since my Mother died, so I know.

WE THE PEOPLE have been complacent too long. We have abrogated our responsibilities to people who -- shock of shocks -- are only interested in lining their own pockets. And before you want to take me to task for that last statement, look at the reality of someone who makes less than $200,000 per year & yet becomes a millionaire within a few years of being elected.They are happily bought & paid for by lobbyists. Their family members are bought & paid for by lobbyists. I'm sure it doesn't stop with lobbyists, but this is just the most obvious route to their making BIG money.


It is past time to hold them accountable. They need to become regular people again. No monies other than salary & they must get approval from WE THE PEOPLE before voting more raises & perks. They must participate in the Social Security System & Medicare -- no more of the 'mercedes benz' coverage they have & the lifetime of full salary. Enough is enough. It is time they are exempt from no laws that govern WE THE PEOPLE. 

Lying was easy for the pols. Now reality is here. The Giant will not be going back to sleep now. Politicians had better face the reality they are messing up, have messed up, & no amount of chit-chat, franking letters, emails, will make up for the mess they have made & now want to pretend does not exist.

It is past time.


Once that happens, maybe, just maybe, WE THE PEOPLE will have a chance for a government that listens to it's people & is fair & equitable; a government living/breathing/abiding by the Constitution & the Bill of Rights.

I just hope it happens before this current house/senate causes a civil war. Because that truly is what will happen if these people in congress keep trying to step on WE THE PEOPLE.

The 'Sleeping Giant' has been awakened. And, really, it's about time. Now the catch will be to get the Giant in a good mood. I don't believe this congress can do that....they have gone too far, too fast, with too little thought of what WE THE PEOPLE wanted/expected from them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More confusion....

Okay....let me get these items straight:
  1. the 'health care plan' the house of reps passed provided for 'end of life' counseling mandatory every 5 years OR yearly (or more often) if the patient has chronic or terminal illnesses. Now that is supposed to be out of the bill. Is it? This very personal decision should be made by the patient with their family, not someone who is to benefit, i.e. the doctor & the government.
  2. the money to support this plan STRIPS Medicare/Medicare Advantage/Medicaid & this, plus more taxes on those who make over $250,000 per year.
  3. there will be no rationing even though funds will be limited & the age of the patient will be a hugely determining factor in decisions of care offered/provided.
  4. Abortions will be covered, transgender surguries will be covered -- all courtesy of the taxpayer.
  5. the U.S. is BORROWING 75 BILLION dollars every week & for every TRILLION in deficit, we owe at least 25 BILLION in interest every year.
  6. according to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), fewer than 10 million of the 43 million uninsured will be covered.
  7. house of reps & senators who are on break & were not willing to face constituents right now & have simply put an end to their own careers as reps or senators; lobbying will be where they will all go though as has always been done in the past.
  8. illegal aliens WILL be counted in the census - as though they are full-fledged citizens. WHY?
  9. Mexico is complaining about the U.S. deporting illegals back to Mexico & wants us to stop it because it causes too many problems; we are IDIOTS if we give in to this!!!!!
  10. Illegal aliens in the U.S. send 30 to 50 BILLION dollars back home to Mexico every year; but pay no income taxes even though they are using public services: health care (yep), schools, etc. Yes, IF they buy something, they pay sales tax, but that's it.
  11. When illegal aliens get credit cards or loans for college, homes or whatever, when they stop paying them, there is no going after them or tracing them or tracking them down. So, again it comes back on the American TAXPAYER.
  12. Every developed country in the world tracks every immigrant. Overstay your 'school visa' & they hunt you down, jail you, fine you & deport you. At YOUR expense. We do less than nothing.
  13. Politicians have exempted not only themselves (& family) from the 'public option' of the proposed health care, UNIONS are getting to keep their health care & here's the kicker: it will ALL be paid, especially thru retirement, by the TAXPAYER.
  14. Nancy Pelosi says protesters of the 'health care' bill are carrying swastika signs. What she left out was that there was ONE sign that had a swastika on it with a circle drawn around it & slash thru it -- indicating, sanfran-nan -- NOT nazis. Someone should educate this stupid woman. Unfortunately, she is stupid by CHOICE; ignorant people are willing to learn - stupid people are not. She defines the NOT side of the previous statement. Of course, it is not the first time she has lied. And it won't be the last.
  15. Last, but absolutely not least, what is with these senators & reps inserting new amendments & garbage into bills immediately before they are to be voted on? Our senators & reps already admit they do not read the bills (no time?) but have others on their staffs peruse bills & then give them a condensed version of what a bill is about. The elected person then decides to vote/not vote/vote 'present' when the bill comes up. This is not what we hired - elected - them to do. No company in the world would work like this, yet we have been complacent & allowed these people to get away with this for a very long time.

    WHAT IS THE NEXT INDUSTRY THE POTUS & COMPANY ARE GOING TO TARGET? Thus far, they are trying to take over banking, credit card companies, car companies, mainstream media outlets (Fox is not falling in line with them though & it is driving them all to distraction) education (aka indoctrination) of our children & now, health care.

    Who/what is next on their hit-list?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My 24 year old son asked "why does it have to be so much about black & white? I feel like people can't stand up for themselves because they are afraid they will come off as a racist. I want a president. Not a media star 'trying' to be president. Quit promising things & going out on dates with taxpayers money & DO SOMETHING. All he has done is spend more money. And the unemployment has still gone up."

Pretty smart young man. He has it right -- I am so sick of the RACIST label when anyone DARES to even ask a question or disagree with this POTUS or Congress.

People are now tuning out the RACIST rants & garbage of that ilk because it is said over & over & now people are numb to it. People in general are sick of being called names simply for asking questions. Yes, there ARE racists in America. But they are the MINORITY of the population, not the majority this administration is trying desperately to make people believe.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is time to evict every senator or house rep. They have screwed us so bad that even the good ones need to be gone. No more cushy, lucrative lobbyist jobs, no more lifetime retirement packages, no more lifetime excellent healthcare as they work to remove what the rest of us have.

Fair is fair. They can live with Social Security as their retirement. They can try to figure out how to pay medical bills not covered by the 'cadillac' plans they now have. If all this stuff is so damn GOOD for the people. they need to be on it also.

Recall, fire, evict every one of them. It is time. Actually, it is way past the expiration date to recall, fire, &/or evict every single senator & rep. Their time is up. Move aside. Time for new blood.

They cannot possibly screw things up worse than this administration & congress are doing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

so much buzzing .....

Tonight I was watching a program that hosted it's own 'townhall meeting' with ordinary people. There was no prescreening & the split wound up being actually more voted for bho than mccain yet a large majority were definitely opposed to the government taking over health care. More importantly, I waited & was not disappointed to see I was right.....the 'blame it all on Bush' card was played, the war was illegal, this prez is right, this is our savior no matter what others think, etc.

Yet, stroll around with your eyes wide open. The issues on the table - there are many - are serious, in some cases extremely so. What I want to do is try to open your eyes if you are thinking I am a hardcore republican who bashes democrats for the sake of bashing -- which is definitely NOT the case. This country is way beyond republican vs. democrat, liberal vs. conservative, white vs. (all other) color. So, let's wander & while doing so, imagine what the ACLU would be doing if this were a republican as prez or a republican-controlled senate or house. Strangely, they & their ilk remain silent, only confirming what most of the 'ordinary' people believe: the ACLU is only concerned with a political ideology - democrat = good, republican = evil.

Let's stroll:
  • Jan. 6, 2009 Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY), an obvious Obama fan, is proposing (H.J.Res. 5) "an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.
  • Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) is proposing a bill (HR 73), "To provide for the collection of data on traffic stops."
  • almost every bill -- especially the PORK -- includes the tag line: "for other purposes." What does that mean? That the money can be used for many other things that may or may not have any bearing whatsoever on what the bill was originally intended to do.
  • Because states are unlikely to agree to the 'Real I.D. Act' introduced in 2005, it has been replaced with the 'Pass I.D. Act'. Altho you may be tempted to believe this will be better, it is absolutely not. In fact, there is a provision in it that scares the hell out of me: the PASS ID Act gives the Secretary of Homeland Security "unreviewable discretion" to issue driver's licenses and state ID cards under the Minimum Issuance Standards Section (c)(2)(B) "Evidence of Lawful Status" items (v), (xii), as well as under Section (C) Temporary Drivers Licenses and Identification Cards item (i). The term "unreviewable discretion" raises questions about the definition of this term as it relates to oversight, privacy protections, and judicial review. Everyone in this country will be required to have this I.D. within a year of passage of the final bill. Otherwise, you will be unable to board an airplane, apply for Social Security, etc. Now, does this sound good to you? Why isn't the ACLU screaming? Why isn't the MSM jumping up & down? Could it be because both have such a double standard: one for republicans & one for democrats.
  • TRANSPARENCY. There is none. In fact, less than none. But, I'll explain that remark later. For now, think back to all the campaigning: every bill would be posted for 5 days minimum so the public could read it, comment, approve, etc. BEFORE it was voted on. Not only has that not happened, the bills that have been passed contain so much language that has nothing to do with the actual basis for the original bill, it is ridiculous. No bill has been posted & given the 'light of day' before being voted on & it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. *Now that the public is coming out in droves to question, discuss, protest, object, approve, whatever, the 'Obama Health Care Plan' the House of Representatives PASSED, why is the President saying now that we don't even HAVE a bill? Exactly what were the Reps voting on then? We all can read what they voted on but are now being told by the highest office holder in the country that there really IS no bill. So, again, I ask: what did they vote on? I have read it (the house of reps version) & it certainly reads like a bill, has a number like a bill, was introduced as legislation, & yes, VOTED on in the House of Representatives. They approved THAT bill. So, again, why does bho think there is no bill?
  • If Medicare & Medicaid have $500 Million every year in false claims, why hasn't that been corrected? It has been known forever. Yet, many of the same ones are in congress - so why, after all their meetings & investigations, etc., - why haven't they fixed the problems? Could it be because they do not know the first thing about how businesses should run because they do not have any real world experience?
  • Terrorists captured in enemy combat situations are to be Mirandized. Why? Gitmo detainees are going to be moved into the U.S. Why? They will be given taxpayer-funded lawyers & all rights of American citizens. Why? When has ANY country given our soldiers the same kind of treatment? What can the administration people be thinking? Playing to the ultra-liberals with this card will only serve to alienate more 'ordinary' Americans. You know - those bothersome voters that were handy in November but now are useless unless they go along with whatever the administration wants.
  • After making backroom deals with the AARP, pharmaceutical companies, & AMA (doctors) to not take away any more than they have already agreed to 'give up', these groups in concert with George Soros (in this case call him the 5 Million Dollar Man), plan to flood commercials into our homes praising the 'Obama' plan. Basically, it is 'the taxpayer be damned, we're going to be ok' as the philosophy of the entities.
  • Rich people typically did not get that way by being stupid or gullible. Therefore, they are doing everything they can to move their companies, plants, & (of course) money out of the purvue of bho & cohorts. There is only so much you can slam them before they simply say 'enough is enough'. Workers can be had cheaper in other countries. Plants can be built with help from governments of other countries because it will be THEIR citizens who benefit from the jobs. Materials will be acquired & life will go on. But, American citizens will still be out of work with little hope of finding a job of any kind.
  • There was a firm promise that NO ONE MAKING UNDER $250,000 would see their taxes raised. I guess letting the tax cuts expire doesn't count. Now, finding that the country simply cannot sustain the spending of this prez & congress, taxes will have to be raised on just about everyone. They were going up anyway because of the cuts expiring, but now the double whammy will be to add to that. I believe they will.
  • I am disgusted Bush signed the TARP bill. I was against it from the beginning. Now tho, bho is trying to push all the blame off on Bush when the deficit comes up. What? Are you kidding? bho & congress are spending money that can maybe never be repaid. What Bush did was wrong (IMHO) but to justify his own actions, bho points to that even tho the first bailout he signed was "only" 800 BILLION dollars. Since then, there has been more & more until we are now in the hole for over 1.4 TRILLION. FYI bho - when you are in a hole, STOP DIGGING! Now he is talking about a 2nd bailout. As far as I am concerned, it would be number 3 for bailouts: 1 Bush, 2 bho, 3 bho.
  • Fair warning so you cannot say you were not warned: people are fed up with the spending. As bho & his cohorts jet around the country, around the world, all the while telling us little peons to conserve, cut back, etc., should another bailout be shoved thru, the anger people feel about government taking over the health care industry would pale in comparison to the anger expressed with another spending bill. Even doing it in the dead of night will not make it smoother. It will be the final straw & I believe there will be many many Recall Petitions that begin & will go thru. Many now in congress will find themselves out in the cold. The new group will be watched like ants under a magnifying glass.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

tuning in, dropping out.....

This has been a very busy month for me & even tho I have no idea if anyone even reads my blog, I just simply got frustrated with the amount of corruption, the excuses for the corruption, the lies, the dodging, the garbage that was the month of August -- politically that is.

Personally, I'm ok. Frustrated with an already overburdened healthcare system here in El Paso, TX & knowing that if it is this bad now, it will only be a disaster once the Feds get their hands deep into this. I hope, I pray, I talk, I write, I blog -- is it doing any good? For me personally -- yes. So, I will continue to blog.

At least until the feds try to take over the internet.

Why - and someone needs to explain this to me as tho I am in kindergarten - newspapers, running in the red, are up for bailouts by our prez & his minions PLUS allowing them to be non-profit????? Oh, sure, they will continue to publish news - just less news that is true or valid or represents the actual FACTS. I have noticed the newspapers are more & more unashamedly shamming for the prez, the democrats, & slamming anyone who dares to even question something being considered, done, passed, in Washington DC that will affect many Americans. It's only going to be worse if they are allowed to have taxpayer money to play with as well as never paying any taxes.

I guess the "rich" will just have to make up the difference for that business bailout also.

So, let's look at reality: bailing out BANKS, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, AIG, CAR COMPANIES, & others; that is one side. On the other side, we have huge taxes coming on "the rich" which will encompass anyone/any business making $250,000 + per year. Can anyone explain how any small business can afford to STAY in business because this taxing is not on the NET, it is on the GROSS income of individuals & businesses. I understand this because I used to be a small business owner & would have been subject to this trend of our prez & cohorts.

Basically tho -- no matter how many times you shake it, there will not be enough money in the banks of "the rich" to pay for everything that has been passed. AND why should they? Fair is fair. They take the risks, they should take the rewards. I do not begrudge anyone who puts themselves, their families, their very existence on the line to create a business.

So, why is the prez the leader of the 'create a bigger divide' screaming? HE is a multi-millionaire. So where does he get off condemning those who make/save money? The same story goes for politicians. While they may go into office as 'ordinary' people - & they remind of us of this every election cycle - after as little as one term in office, they too are millionaires. Don't believe me, check it out. Too sadly true.