Saturday, May 23, 2009

Interesting Place you MUST visit....

DOWNSIZEDC. org - The site is working to pass the READ THE BILL ACT - along with other non-partisan issues. This is just plain common sense! Apparently our elected representatives do not understand, or know, or cannot comprehend this simple concept.

1st RULE IN BUSINESS: never sign anything until you
read & understand it.

2nd RULE IN BUSINESS: see Rule #1.

Is it BECAUSE these rules are so simple, our reps cannot understand them? It has to make you wonder at how much these people truly DO NOT understand about the real world. It certainly makes me wonder. And afraid; VERY afraid. Of their ignorance. Most of them are lawyers/have a law degree, so they - even more than ANYONE - should take the advice they would certainly give to a client.

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