Friday, May 08, 2009

The Eagle Has Died

The American Bald Eagle is a time-honored symbol of America. This beautiful bird represents freedom, liberty, The Constitution & The Bill of Rights of the United States. Sadly, this beautiful bird can no longer fly.

Our Eagle has only it's left wing. This is the 'perfect storm' horror scenario because there are no longer ANY checks & balances. The president is an ultra-liberal democrat, the senate has a majority of ultra-liberal democrats, the house of representatives has a majority of ultra-liberal democrats. Left-wing ultra-liberals are being appointed to every position of 'power', including the judiciary.

There is no discussion or input allowed from the 'right-wing', i.e. conservatives therefore there is no balance. There has been a pretense of listening (for photo ops), patching things up, working together but in the end, anyone republican &/or conservative is ignored, snubbed, discounted, disparaged.

Have you ever seen a bird with a broken wing?
The bird will die, or be eaten by a predator, because it cannot fly.
Remember this as we face the days, the weeks, the months ahead.

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