Tuesday, May 19, 2009

show me the $$$$

Curious about where TARP $$ is being spent? Wondering how much usefulness there is with the massive bailouts & tax/spend atrocities being committed even now by our (non)representatives in Washington, D.C.?

Click on the title of this blog to see where some of it is going. Sign-makers rejoice. Taxpayers weep.

Oh, for complete transparency, check out www.recovery.gov & when you figure it out for your area....be sure to let me know. If this is 'transparent', I need to rethink my definition of 'opaque'.
Please feel free to send me pics of how $tarp$ is being used in your neck of the woods.

Texas Governor Perry is walking his talk that no bailout money with strings attached or new programs that have to be created, will be accepted by Texas; not very popular with those in 'elected power' who want the $$. He knows the reality that the $$ will run out from D.C. & the state will be stuck with the tab from there. He does not want the state to take on more federally-mandated-temporarily-funded programs. Bravo for him standing strong for Texas. Most Governors do not have his courage: like Doyle in Wisconsin they are begging at the table of D.C. & will do whatever the feds direct, no matter the ultimate cost to the constituents of the state they are 'supposed' to represent.


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  1. It works for me. We are now way past any GW spending for his 8 years. The jobless rate is at least a point past what BO said it would be. Yes, it will take time, but not even his treasury secretary BB is backing him now.


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