Tuesday, May 26, 2009

last thoughts for tonight....

I keep hearing that Texas Governor Rick Perry somehow committed heresy by even mentioning the words 'secession' & 'Texas' in the same speech during the Tea Party on April 15th. Either people are cheering this idea or wanting to tar & feather him. Where is the voice of the 'moderates'? Where is the voice of those who are willing to compromise?

Well, I hope those moderates & those compromisers are watching Pakistan & Afghanistan & Iraq & seeing the concessions being made by the governments of those regions to the Taliban. I hope they are getting scared into reality. I hope they are seeing that when you make a bargain, an agreement, with terrorists, the terrorists do not stick to their end of the bargain or go along with the agreement.

We are seeing the 'give them an inch & they'll take a mile' attitude of the Taliban as more & more people are desperate to escape from the regions handed over. These escaping people make the poor in America look as though they are kings & queens - wealthy & happy.

Wisconsin is bowing at the altar of bailouts & actually increasing the spending of government PLUS increasing taxes from as-yet-to-be-determined entities.

Texas, on the other hand, is being lead by a Governor who says NO BAILOUT MONEY WITH ANY STRINGS because eventually the feds will stop paying for whatever program & the state will be stuck with the costs of the program the feds mandated when Texas accepted the money.

Why can't the Wisconsin Governor see the reality? It is a state hit even harder by unemployment, business closings, & home foreclosures than Texas, even with the hurricane damages Texas has endured.

I happen to agree with Gov. Perry & absolutely disagree with Gov. Doyle. As families experience more problems, cut back further, lose jobs, lose homes, lose faith in government - who do you think will be blamed more by their constituents? Perry (TX) or Doyle (WI)?

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