Thursday, May 21, 2009

on Michael Steele

heard Michael Steele on the Laura Ingraham show this morning (early here in west Texas) & I am willing to support him more now after hearing his positions on many CONSERVATIVE issues, especially abortion. I did not know (did you?) that his own mother got pregnant while in college & rather than have an abortion, had him & gave him up for adoption. So, YES, he is absolutely on the side of Pro-Life. Period. His words.

Quitting the RNC? He said that was newspaper & media hype. He simply stated that he would not be a 'figurehead' with no input - a puppet - for the RNC & would fight to make certain his role is one of actual LEADERSHIP. The media took that & extrapolated it into 'he says he will quit' when he did NOT say that. He simply wants to do the job for which he is hired - leading the Republican party.

It sounded like he is finally getting the message -- especially after the California massacre of spend&tax&borrow&spend&tax&borrow ideals -- that CONSERVATIVE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD.

My question is this though: ARE YOU GOING TO ALLOW THE RNC TO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT RINOs SUCH AS CRIST & SNOWE & idiots like them?????? Answer THAT & maybe you will win me over. Right now, I believe Crist is a bad idea, Snowe is a bad idea, their ilk should be thrown out. Period.

Michael Steele, it is time to say to every Republican representative: either you are FOR us or you are on your own. Period.

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