Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wisconsin budget

Bouncing between Wisconsin & Texas gives me the opportunity to see politics in the 2 states & how they differ as well as keep up with national politics.

Wisconsin is releasing a new budget. Personally, I believe it will be the death of many areas of the state. "Why?" you may ask.

Every business still left in the state is wondering now how to survive another blow. Every business is struggling & along come new taxes from every direction: federal, state & next will be (if not already) local. Those who can, will relocate to a state where they can survive; those who can't are making plans to close; some will simply try to survive & put off those decisions until they HAVE to be made. Businesses on the borders will be looking to move as soon as possible.

Residents who can, will establish residency in another state by agreeing to live there more than 1/2 the year. 'Snowbirds' already know this - Florida & Arizona & Texas are more receptive & less 'taxing' to them than Wisconsin so it only makes sense. Yet, the WI governor plows ahead with tax increases & spending increases.

Where will it stop? Who in the state senate or assembly has the fortitude to stand up for the residents of Wisconsin? Who will decide the PEOPLE are more important than the politics? Who will have the nerve?

Call, email, write a letter to, or fax your representatives & tell them to stand up for citizens. Tell them to use common sense: unemployed people will not increase the coffers of the state; closed businesses will not fill the coffers of the state; both will increase the demand on social services & the need to support those without jobs.

It is so simple to see & maybe that is the problem - governor doyle & cohorts do not want to look. They are all more concerned with gaining money to support their re-elections than to do what is right. Believe me when I tell you some people, some areas, some businesses will have exemptions written in any budget. Those are the ones that fuel re-election campaigns.

Cynical? yes. Hopeless? not yet. I'll let you know after the final budget is passed for Wisconsin.

Additional info can also be had at The MacIver Institute & Real Debate WI.

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