Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The NANNY State Cometh

  1. Does the FDA have so little to do that their people have time to complain to General Mills about the size of the FONT used on boxes of Cherrios for the cholesterol info? Seems to me the FDA obviously has too many people with nothing to do so they are making stuff up.
  2. Does Congress really have the idiocy to continue to raise taxes & lie at the same time? When the tax cuts were made under Pres. Bush' administration, federal income went up, but those will expire in 2010. So no more tax cuts - EVERYONE will feel the effect.
  3. When business is taxed beyond reason, they have no money with which to hire new people & in many cases (as we are now seeing) to retain the numbers of personnel they already employ. So businesses have lay-offs, early retirement, hiring/bonus/salary freezes & are still struggling with the economy. Does anyone in D.C. listen to ordinary people?
  4. Telling banks & credit card companies & investment firms & consumers what 'wonders' are being worked on our behalf is like pouring 1/2 a cup of salt into the ocean: it does nothing to improve the ocean. Would you be able to tell the difference?
  5. Why are California fields being allowed to lie fallow to save a little smelt fish which is used for bait in most areas of the country? Farmers & ranchers are going broke because of this idiocy.
  6. When has the government EVER created a new program that worked efficiently & effectively? EVER? I have to deal with Medicare on a regular basis; stop the billions of dollars in fraudulent claims every year & THEN come talk to me.
  7. So-called 'sin tax' used to be limited to basically alcohol & tobacco; now, that is not good enough. There are new taxes about to be levied by the GOVERNMENT on 'foods that cause obesity'; soda pop is only the first 'shot across the bow'. Be prepared for more. I suppose this means cavier & special steaks from Japan will be allowed only for friends of the current administration.
  8. Will rationing happen next? Will it be based on the number of calories a person is allowed to consume per day or ounces of meat allowed or cheese or number of crackers that can be eaten per -- what -- day, week, month, year? Who decides? Will each of us have to report to a government agency for weigh-ins?
  9. There was much screaming, crying & whining that government -- big brother -- was too intrusive by having the ability to listen to phone calls, map routes, take satellite pictures, intercept internet traffic, etc. during the Bush years. Why aren't we hearing from those people now? The same things are going on - & more.
  10. What will it be like when this new 'nanny state' tells you what you may & may not eat, where you can & cannot shop, foods you are & are not allowed, cars you are or are not allowed to purchase, where your children are & are not allowed to attend school?
  11. How is it that a charter school in the Minneapolis, MN receives taxpayer dollars but is only for Muslim students? It is the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, also with campuses in Blaine & Inver Grove Heights. Islamic religious practices & Arabic language instruction are cornerstones & the school is housed in the same building as a Mosque. It was slated to received over 3 million in tax dollars for 2007-08 school year. Why can't Lutherans or Catholics or Baptists have the same support to start their own 'charter' schools? Why can't other religions have taxpayer support for obviously religious 'public' charter schools, that are not for the public? Read Robert Spencer's "Stealth Jihad" & get an eye-opening view of radical Islam.
  12. Why are WE, THE PEOPLE allowing massive government intrusion into our lives & sitting meekly by as more & more liberties are taken away from us? If you haven't found your voice to speak out now, pretty soon it will be too damn late. The bailouts are a good example -- why did we allow them to happen?
  13. Why do we put up with a POTUS who apologizes for us to countries that owe their very freedom, their very existence, to the U.S. men & women who fought for them?
  14. Why do we put up with a POTUS sitting meekly nodding & smiling while a dictator, a brutal blood-thirsty cretin, preaches to him about how horrible America is & then our POTUS apologizes?
  15. Have we Americans lost our minds or just our courage?

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