Saturday, May 23, 2009



e are back in the mess again -- this time with the CREDIT CARD bills congress just passed & the POTUS is touting as 'wonderful'. Well, it ain't all so wonderful & won't be fun. Again with LOUC! Everything congress touches outside the scope of the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights & Amendments, they screw up for the rest of us.Here is the CREDIT CARD mess congress & the president just put us in:
  1. Not paying a fee right now to have the card you have (except maybe on a few cards)? You will now so the CC companies can recoup the monies they are going to lose.
  2. Have a grace period when finance charges are not applied? Not anymore. They need the interest from the moment of your purchase to recoup their money.
  3. Have a high credit limit? Expect it to be lowered.
  4. Have high finance charges? Expect them to be higher.
  5. Have fees for late payments or paying on line or by phone? Raising all the other stuff will make up for congress deciding this goes away.
  6. Carry a balance every month because things are tight at your house? Expect your limit to not only go down, your interest percentage to go up, & fees to even have the damn card - they will come up with more ways to acquire your money.
In case you think I am kidding - just wait & see. All this time you have been doing what is right by paying your payment on time. Well, if you carry more than 1/3 of your limit on the card, you will likely be bumped into the high-risk category.


The McCain-Feingold bill was 'going to clean up & straighten out' how politicians advertise; instead it opened up massive money for outside groups to advertise anything they want about any politician. LOUC sure bit McCain & Feingold in their butts -- but have they corrected their mistake? No. Therefore, anyone (unions, PACs, anti-this, pro-that) can advertise FOR or AGAINST a candidate, take anything out of context, say just about anything -- & some politician benefits without spending his 'hard earned' campaign money.


After looking at the health care system in Great Britain & Canada, talking to people from each country, I have come to the conclusion that a UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM such as is being proposed now, much like Hillary-care way back when, would be disastrous for our country. I deal with Medicare & it is, to say the least, frustrating; to say the most, it is asinine. An example for you: after 10 years of using a stomach gastrostomy tube (g-tube), Medicare refused to pay for my tubes anymore. When I called to find out why, there was no real reason given, just that I need to send in paperwork to show that I am still using one. HELLO? Anyone out in the world with a permanent need for a g-tube does not suddenly go to NOT needing one. Well, unless you die of course. But, I am not dead. So, why now? Well, to slow down payment which is already at a snail's pace.

No money in Medicare so I guess they save money by denying things that are necessary & forcing you to prove you still need this. Another example: only 1 formula seems to agree with my body - yet Medicare, because of their 'rules' demands I use it for most of my nutrition. That would be fine except it would cost me more than $700 a month. Living on $1,000 a month does not allow me to spend $700 for ANYTHING. Are they insane? Nope. They have their 'rule book', their 'guidelines'. When I asked who set these rules & guidelines up, no one can tell me. My bet is that it was someone who is concerned about money, has no medical knowledge, & only cares about the bottom line.

Well, if they care so much about money, why don't they stop THE FRAUDULENT CLAIMS & DOUBLE BILLINGS that Medicare pays to the tune of 12 BILLION taxpayer dollars? That would certainly help, don't you think?

I absolutely oppose any effort to create another government bureaucracy - especially one that would control our doctors, hospitals, insurance companies. Are dentists next or will they be included in the universal health care idiocy also?

Every time congress or the president tell me how they have just done something that is WONDERFUL for me, I shudder. Because it is only a matter of time until LOUC catches up & things are worse than they were before.


Remember this - it will be coming to bite your behind. Just be warned.

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