Monday, August 17, 2009

Where is Reyes? MIA again?

House of Rep Reyes who is supposed to represent this district, met with 'real' people at a breakfast held by Northeast city council rep Carl Robinson & found a)they are from every walk of life, b)every color, c)every political philosophy, d)fed up with lies & half-truths, e)are naturally distrustful of not only him but EVERY politician, f)fed up with him not listening to their calls, emails & letters & g)fed up with him voting more debt for our nation. He also, IF HE WERE HONEST, would now admit that dismissing his constituents & the needs/calls to meet face to face in a 'townhall meeting' would not be a riot, nor would it necessarily be raucous/rude.

Reyes' answer to NOT having to meet with the public at large is to tell constituents to "call his office", "make an appointment", etc. Well, did HE make an appointment with you when he was begging for votes? Did he personally call you, was it a pre-recorded call or one from a campaign worker? He is only adding more insults to intelligent people. Can you are now see the false results created by voting a straight Republican or straight Democrat ticket?
I believe he owes an apology to the district he is supposed to represent. I believe he owes it to his district to actually meet face to face as many times, as often, as requested. HE WORKS FOR THE PEOPLE IN HIS DISTRICT. HE NEEDS TO LISTEN & VOTE THE MAJORITY WILL. Now, do I think this will happen? NO. Here's why: he was just re-elected. So, his belief (& if past history is any clue) that the voters have a short-term memory may be justified. Unless there is someone running against him who can remind all the voters of his foibles, votes that his district did not support, etc. - unless the opposition is VERY strong in pointing out his ignoring people when it was the MOST important, he will very likely be in office after the next election. Also, it will take people of the district actually THINKING about their votes rather than checking off "straight republican" or "straight democrat". Are you the voter who chose a "straight ??????" option in your voting? If so, please let me know:
  • Were you in a hurry?
  • Why did you vote?
  • Did you study the candidates for each position?
  • Did you take the easy way out?
  • Did you honestly not care who was elected?
  • Are you so much in a 'party' line that you do not take each candidate for each position seriously?
  • Do you now feel well-represented in Washington, D.C.?
  • Do you feel your senator, rep, etc. actually listens to you?
  • Do you trust what your political representatives say?
While I am glad reyes finally had to come face to face with REAL people, not hand-picked for their fawning obedience as with bho, he also had to realize no one was frothing at the mouth or screaming at him or carrying nazi signs or advocating violence - even as he spouted the 'party line' about HR3200. Also, I notice there is no mention of an apology & distancing himself from the nasty, horrible names being used for those who question HR3200 or disagree with more government in people's lives. Btw, if he is so willing to have the government take over health insurance & wipe out that industry - basically making any employees now the responsibility of taxpayers - & is willing to be 'enrolled in the public option', what other 'out' is there for him? He knows darn well that federal employees, ALL fed employees, will be exempt somehow. There will be a loophole, an addendum, some way he & his family will be treated differently. There always is & they will continue to make sure of it in Washington, D.C. Because if the executive, legislative, & judicial branches are good at one thing, it is that they are always figuring a way 'out' for themselves. WE, THE PEOPLE, (remember us?) -- we deserve better.

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