Thursday, August 06, 2009


Mr. Obama,

I would like to know the following:

  • where do you get the authority to simply take over entire businesses?
  • why are you appointing so many 'czars'?
  • who do the 'czars' answer to?
  • what are each of the 'czars' paid?
  • do the 'czars' receive bonuses?
  • what budget does each 'czar' have?
  • what exactly is the duty of each 'czar'?
  • how many people work for each 'czar'?
  • what are the duties of the people who work for each 'czar'?
  • as you are so anxious to take away the right to a secret ballot when voting on unions, are you also wanting to take away the public's right to a secret ballot?
  • you have called ordinary American citizens who question you & your cohorts "angry mobs" & "organized mobs". Why are ordinary citizens who show up at rallies "angry mobs" when you, yourself, organized ACORN protests, are calling on unions to show up at rallies with their people, & supporting your cohorts in calling names rather than answering questions?
  • why are you so afraid of "ordinary" American citizens?
  • why won't you answer any questions truthfully? i.e. - you lied about your support for the 2nd Amendment Rights of Citizens to Keep & Bear Arms....
  • will you now dodge the above by saying it is "all Eric Holder's doing"?
  • you said "Washington is broken" so why does your staff consist of tax cheats, liars & lobbyists?
  • when told EMPHATICALLY that citizens, taxpayers, voters, did not want the bailouts - why did you & your cohorts push them through?
  • when told EMPHATICALLY that citizens, taxpayers, voters, do not want the healthcare system changed your way, why are you continuing to push it?
  • when told EMPHATICALLY that citizens, taxpayers, voters, do not want 'cap & trade', why do you & your cohorts continue to try to shove it down our throats?
  • why do you apologize to other countries for America?
  • why do you bow down to a king of another country?
  • why do you listen to communist dictators but not to the 'ordinary' citizens in America?
  • why do you treat our oldest, best allies in the world with total disdain?
  • why are you supprised that "ordinary" Americans are speaking out, showing up to voice their complete disgust with you, with the senate, with the house of representatives?
  • why are you, with your elitist attitude, so disdainful of "ordinary" citizens?
  • why do you insist that taxpayers now cover mortgages, schooling, & health care for those who are in our country illegally?
  • why do you insist that hard-working Americans now suffer in the name of your liberalism?
  • why are you surprised that many of those who voted for you are now disgusted by you, your appointments, & most especially, by your actions?
  • why are you so immature that you must call people names, who oppose you or even simply question your policies?
  • why do you reject that citizens of America are not willing to bow down & simply accept whatever YOU deem feasible to hand out to them?
  • why are you so adamant about creating racial divides when & where none exists?
  • why do you involve yourself in areas that are, quite frankly, none of your business (i.e. Gates/Crowley situation) & for which you do not have all the information?
  • why do you try to again, using the Gates situation, try to label everyone who is not black or latino, a racist such as you?
  • why do you deny saying things & then are angry people remember & PROVE what you said?
  • why do you label everyone who is white a racist?
  • why do you believe, even though it is not working so well now, that dividing the peoples of this nation according to your labels will work to your benefit?
  • why do you condemn 'rich people' when you, in fact, are a multi-millionaire?
  • why do you preach hate, anger, & fear all the while trying to pretend you are not?
  • why do you think you know what is better for hardworking Americans than we know for ourselves?
  • why do you lie over & over & over - especially when FACTS prove you are lying?
  • why do you dismiss those who are angry with your proposed policies when they have FACTS to show your policies are wrong & harmful to our country?
  • why are you ignoring reality?
My last question for you is this:

YOU, OBAMA, ARE A DISGRACE TO AMERICA. I have been ashamed of Presidents of this country before (i.e. Nixon, Carter, Clinton), but I have never said the following words until now: you, obama, are not MY President.

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