Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simple questions.....

From the moment a child is old enough to write their own name, responsible parents/adults preach to them that they must read anything before signing it. These include, but are not limited to: a loan, Will, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, End of Life decisions, a contract to buy a car, land, house or business, etc. When applying for something as simple as a Marriage License, each party is asked to read it to make certain all information is correct & they understand what they are signing.

So, why do Senators & Representatives think it is perfectly acceptable to constituents to NOT read something as important, as critical, as a BILL THAT IS MAKING OR CHANGING LAWS??? Some in Washington have even found this demand a source of amusement to them reasoning they are so darn busy they would never get anything done if they had to actually READ what they are voting (signing off) on. Maybe this is our best indication Washington is doing a lot of make-work, a lot of pork barrel spending, writing of ridiculous &/or unnecessary bills while pretending they actually give a damn about the voters.


You write a check & are asked for a PHOTO I.D. Often, when you make a purchase using a credit card, you are asked for a PHOTO I.D. When a policeman stops you, he asks for a PHOTO I.D., registration for the vehicle & valid insurance information. When you apply for a Passport, you must have a valid PHOTO I.D. When you check bags at the airport you must provide a valid PHOTO I.D.
When you board a plane, you must have a valid PHOTO I.D. When you make a bank deposit that requests cash back you must have a valid PHOTO I.D.
These are ordinary events in a person's life.

So, since we have the extraordinary PRIVILEGE of being able to VOTE in our democracy, why would ANYONE object to providing a valid PHOTO I.D. in order to ensure their vote is not only VALID, but they are the true & actual person they represent themselves to be?

It will not affect or disenfranchise the poor voter, the elderly voter, or the brand new voter. This argument is the last, LEAST valid, of any to not enact this measure. Photo I.D. will only protect each vote from fraud & ensure the validity, the honesty of the voting booth.

Only someone who truly wants to allow cheating in elections would ever argue against this.
So tell me: why, other than supporting cheating in elections, would anyone object to presenting a valid PHOTO I.D. when it comes to such a serious honor: the privilege to vote?

(If you support cheating at the voting booth, does this mean YOU cheat? Are you fine with your family, children, & friends cheating? Does it mean you do not mind being cheated? I'm guessing if someone cheats you, you go ballistic! The same ol' song: do as I say, not as I do. Geez, that is the same song most politicians live.)

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