Saturday, August 22, 2009

drill baby BRAZIL?

WHERE IS REYES IN THIS? I don't understand this - do you?

UNITED STATES TAXPAYERS are 'loaning' 2 BILLION DOLLARS to the world's 7th largest OIL COMPANY -- which makes billions of dollars of profit -- to drill offshore of BRAZIL. Democrats who explain this are saying it is 'helping someone who is a FRIEND' (Brazil).

We are 'loaning' 2 BILLION taxpayer dollars to a company - the 7th largest company in oil -- who has just signed a deal to provide an oil increase to ............CHINA. There is, of course, no deal to sell to the U.S. Why would there be?

Let's is NOT okay to drill offshore of the United States. It is NOT okay to provide jobs for American citizens by exploring not only for oil, but by building efficient refineries, exploring new ways to get to oil in our own country.

The oil in America would end any 'hold' the countries in the Middle East now have on us. We could quit sending billions of dollar to them. We could tell the President to support the only the ones who support the U.S. (e.g. Israel).

So, can someone explain it to me as though I am in kindergarten? Because none of the explanations coming from Washington, D.C. are making any sense whatsoever.

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