Saturday, August 08, 2009

this is the answer from the prez & his supporters?

bho - you have encouraged the unions to get out & 'take it to' the conservatives AND liberals who are daring to speak out against your policies, proposals & fast-track spending. You have actively encouraged them to 'take it to' those who even DARE ask questions of you.


A reminder: this is America. WE, THE PEOPLE, are not going to simply lie down & take whatever you & your elitist buddies deem to dish out to us peons. Therefore, you started this garbage & you can put a halt to it; IF you have the courage - which I doubt.

Am I angry? Absolutely! Will you & your union thugs cause me to re-think my positions or my questions? Absolutely NOT!

Because of what is happening in many areas with union thugs attacking people who only want access to ask questions of THEIR representatives from congress, you are strengthening the resolve of ALL of those who have questions & issues with your policies/politics/positions.

  • I will continue to attend any townhall meeting available.
  • I will continue to attend any/all TEA Party events.
  • I will make it my mission to alert as many as possible to the tactics you encourage from your supporters, as despicable as they are.
  • I am now more angry than ever.

For anyone still basking in ignorance, please go to to check out the video links available there to show you just what your president is advocating from his union thugs. If you are not disgusted by what you will see, you are in more denial than can ever be corrected by addressing you with just the facts. So, if this is the case, go to a TEA Party event, just to see what is going on, & make up your own mind.

"There is none so blind as they that won't see." Jonathan Swift

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton

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