Saturday, October 10, 2009

tuning in, dropping out.....

This has been a very busy month for me & even tho I have no idea if anyone even reads my blog, I just simply got frustrated with the amount of corruption, the excuses for the corruption, the lies, the dodging, the garbage that was the month of August -- politically that is.

Personally, I'm ok. Frustrated with an already overburdened healthcare system here in El Paso, TX & knowing that if it is this bad now, it will only be a disaster once the Feds get their hands deep into this. I hope, I pray, I talk, I write, I blog -- is it doing any good? For me personally -- yes. So, I will continue to blog.

At least until the feds try to take over the internet.

Why - and someone needs to explain this to me as tho I am in kindergarten - newspapers, running in the red, are up for bailouts by our prez & his minions PLUS allowing them to be non-profit????? Oh, sure, they will continue to publish news - just less news that is true or valid or represents the actual FACTS. I have noticed the newspapers are more & more unashamedly shamming for the prez, the democrats, & slamming anyone who dares to even question something being considered, done, passed, in Washington DC that will affect many Americans. It's only going to be worse if they are allowed to have taxpayer money to play with as well as never paying any taxes.

I guess the "rich" will just have to make up the difference for that business bailout also.

So, let's look at reality: bailing out BANKS, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, AIG, CAR COMPANIES, & others; that is one side. On the other side, we have huge taxes coming on "the rich" which will encompass anyone/any business making $250,000 + per year. Can anyone explain how any small business can afford to STAY in business because this taxing is not on the NET, it is on the GROSS income of individuals & businesses. I understand this because I used to be a small business owner & would have been subject to this trend of our prez & cohorts.

Basically tho -- no matter how many times you shake it, there will not be enough money in the banks of "the rich" to pay for everything that has been passed. AND why should they? Fair is fair. They take the risks, they should take the rewards. I do not begrudge anyone who puts themselves, their families, their very existence on the line to create a business.

So, why is the prez the leader of the 'create a bigger divide' screaming? HE is a multi-millionaire. So where does he get off condemning those who make/save money? The same story goes for politicians. While they may go into office as 'ordinary' people - & they remind of us of this every election cycle - after as little as one term in office, they too are millionaires. Don't believe me, check it out. Too sadly true.

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