Thursday, October 22, 2009

More confusion....

Okay....let me get these items straight:
  1. the 'health care plan' the house of reps passed provided for 'end of life' counseling mandatory every 5 years OR yearly (or more often) if the patient has chronic or terminal illnesses. Now that is supposed to be out of the bill. Is it? This very personal decision should be made by the patient with their family, not someone who is to benefit, i.e. the doctor & the government.
  2. the money to support this plan STRIPS Medicare/Medicare Advantage/Medicaid & this, plus more taxes on those who make over $250,000 per year.
  3. there will be no rationing even though funds will be limited & the age of the patient will be a hugely determining factor in decisions of care offered/provided.
  4. Abortions will be covered, transgender surguries will be covered -- all courtesy of the taxpayer.
  5. the U.S. is BORROWING 75 BILLION dollars every week & for every TRILLION in deficit, we owe at least 25 BILLION in interest every year.
  6. according to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), fewer than 10 million of the 43 million uninsured will be covered.
  7. house of reps & senators who are on break & were not willing to face constituents right now & have simply put an end to their own careers as reps or senators; lobbying will be where they will all go though as has always been done in the past.
  8. illegal aliens WILL be counted in the census - as though they are full-fledged citizens. WHY?
  9. Mexico is complaining about the U.S. deporting illegals back to Mexico & wants us to stop it because it causes too many problems; we are IDIOTS if we give in to this!!!!!
  10. Illegal aliens in the U.S. send 30 to 50 BILLION dollars back home to Mexico every year; but pay no income taxes even though they are using public services: health care (yep), schools, etc. Yes, IF they buy something, they pay sales tax, but that's it.
  11. When illegal aliens get credit cards or loans for college, homes or whatever, when they stop paying them, there is no going after them or tracing them or tracking them down. So, again it comes back on the American TAXPAYER.
  12. Every developed country in the world tracks every immigrant. Overstay your 'school visa' & they hunt you down, jail you, fine you & deport you. At YOUR expense. We do less than nothing.
  13. Politicians have exempted not only themselves (& family) from the 'public option' of the proposed health care, UNIONS are getting to keep their health care & here's the kicker: it will ALL be paid, especially thru retirement, by the TAXPAYER.
  14. Nancy Pelosi says protesters of the 'health care' bill are carrying swastika signs. What she left out was that there was ONE sign that had a swastika on it with a circle drawn around it & slash thru it -- indicating, sanfran-nan -- NOT nazis. Someone should educate this stupid woman. Unfortunately, she is stupid by CHOICE; ignorant people are willing to learn - stupid people are not. She defines the NOT side of the previous statement. Of course, it is not the first time she has lied. And it won't be the last.
  15. Last, but absolutely not least, what is with these senators & reps inserting new amendments & garbage into bills immediately before they are to be voted on? Our senators & reps already admit they do not read the bills (no time?) but have others on their staffs peruse bills & then give them a condensed version of what a bill is about. The elected person then decides to vote/not vote/vote 'present' when the bill comes up. This is not what we hired - elected - them to do. No company in the world would work like this, yet we have been complacent & allowed these people to get away with this for a very long time.

    WHAT IS THE NEXT INDUSTRY THE POTUS & COMPANY ARE GOING TO TARGET? Thus far, they are trying to take over banking, credit card companies, car companies, mainstream media outlets (Fox is not falling in line with them though & it is driving them all to distraction) education (aka indoctrination) of our children & now, health care.

    Who/what is next on their hit-list?

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