Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My 24 year old son asked "why does it have to be so much about black & white? I feel like people can't stand up for themselves because they are afraid they will come off as a racist. I want a president. Not a media star 'trying' to be president. Quit promising things & going out on dates with taxpayers money & DO SOMETHING. All he has done is spend more money. And the unemployment has still gone up."

Pretty smart young man. He has it right -- I am so sick of the RACIST label when anyone DARES to even ask a question or disagree with this POTUS or Congress.

People are now tuning out the RACIST rants & garbage of that ilk because it is said over & over & now people are numb to it. People in general are sick of being called names simply for asking questions. Yes, there ARE racists in America. But they are the MINORITY of the population, not the majority this administration is trying desperately to make people believe.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is time to evict every senator or house rep. They have screwed us so bad that even the good ones need to be gone. No more cushy, lucrative lobbyist jobs, no more lifetime retirement packages, no more lifetime excellent healthcare as they work to remove what the rest of us have.

Fair is fair. They can live with Social Security as their retirement. They can try to figure out how to pay medical bills not covered by the 'cadillac' plans they now have. If all this stuff is so damn GOOD for the people. they need to be on it also.

Recall, fire, evict every one of them. It is time. Actually, it is way past the expiration date to recall, fire, &/or evict every single senator & rep. Their time is up. Move aside. Time for new blood.

They cannot possibly screw things up worse than this administration & congress are doing.

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