Sunday, April 26, 2009

this is URGENT

PLEASE go to the website for Roxana Saberi by clicking on the title above. Read about this travesty being committed in Iran. Kangaroo courts are jailing people - ordinary people - every day. This jailing of Roxana has been discussed by every news outlet. The situation is now critical. Please get involved.

Our President sits by, our Senate sits by, our Congress sits by & our taxpayer money continues to flow into Iran to 'help' (appease) them. Where is the leadership they talk about, campaign on, remind us of in their numerous interviews & on their websites?

Iran abides by no law other than their 'pretend' courts & Islam as defined at that moment by Ahmadinejad. We are in huge trouble because they already have nuclear power & it is likely, according to every intelligence agency in the world, that they have already developed nuclear weapons.

Please help Roxana & all the others imprisoned by the 'pretend' Iranian courts & before more people imprisoned in Iran die.

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