Saturday, April 25, 2009

regarding our President

It's Saturday & I'm in a hopeful mood! If you have read thru my postings, you will see that I am a conservative. In addition, I believe in God. He has stood with me & given me strength that I know I did not/do not have to make it through this far with all the cancer issues & treatments. I know I am incredibly thankful & fortunate to receive so many blessings.

We as a society need to help those who cannot help themselves. Many needs are met through social programs churches or faith organizations have created. They have to constantly beg & plead for money, look for ways to stretch every dollar. Therefore, they are extremely concerned with income/outgo as they do not have unlimited resources.

Government programs, as a rule, do not follow the same precepts. If they did, Medicare (for example) would not have tens of BILLIONS of dollars wasted in fraudulent claims - EVERY YEAR. Once a program is created, funded, regulated, by the government, it becomes bloated & top-heavy. If we could get each department, each individual on the government payroll to care as much about where each dollar goes I believe fraud would be minimal. We need to create an atmosphere in every department that makes them realize they are spending money that is NOT limitless & IS on a tight budget. We cannot afford new departments, more government.

I could not actually care less if our President is a Republican or Democrat or what color skin he or she has. I think BOTH parties have much of which to be ashamed. I do want any President to be a successful leader.

I do not want him to apologize to other countries for me or to call me arrogant. Ever.

I do not want him to sit & say nothing as a dictator trashes America - he should have politely said 'excuse me' & left the room. Sitting there & taking the trashing lecture was wrong.

I don't care how he shakes hands with others (he's trying to be hip & cool) but bowing to the head of another country when it is not protocol, should never be done. I expect him to be polite, but not go overboard.

If he thinks another country, especially one of socialism or communism, is a better place to live, then why isn't he living there?

For all those who do not like America, the great thing about her is that you are free to leave.

No one will hunt you down & force your return - unless you've committed a crime.

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