Thursday, April 30, 2009


For those - especially college age - who do not understand 'redistribution', here is a simple explanation

A college girl, home for spring break, was really upset with her father. She was unhappy he owned a business, was a conservative, a Christian & especially because he was a Republican. She had studied in school about how horrible Republicans were & she was ashamed of him. She demanded that he unionize his business. She demanded that he share the profits with the employees. She had taken classes that explained how unfairly workers were treated, how unfairly the poor were treated, how much people with money owed to others. He listened calmly to everything she had to say.

He listened as she complained bitterly about another girl in her dorm who was also from their town & working for the same degree - they had a lot of classes together. But the other girl partied a lot, studied just enough to maintain a 'C' average, attended lots of parties, was popular on campus, had a lot of friends, was "having a good time" when college was "a time to get serious". She herself studied hard, didn't go to parties, wasn't into the 'social scene' at college but made straight A's.

Then her father
patiently explained a few things to her.

First: being a Christian, believing in God, was his choice & she was free to make her own choice; he was not forcing her to attend his Church nor was he forcing her to believe as he does. He was trying to live an honest, hard-working, moral life & through prayer, helping his church who helps others, in these ways he "redistributed" his faith in God.

Second: he started his business with very little money, when she was a small child; it had gone well because he hired good people, treated his customers & employees with respect & courtesy; he recognized his employees for their work with paid holidays, paid vacations, insurances, etc. - all of which came out of his pocket. In good years there were bonuses paid, in bad years the employees had not paid HIM & they had always been free to choose a union if so desired. Then he explained that "yes, they lived well because of the business" but first of all, he was the one who took all of the risk by starting the business, he paid all the taxes to the state & federal governments, he met all mandates by the state & the feds - if it failed, the employees could find other jobs but he would be the one in debt, There were times he had had to borrow money to make sure they were able to weather economic downturns. The business existed because HE took the risks, NOT the employees.
In business, he "redistributed" the money he worked hard to earn by these choices.

Third: he reminded her that her college tuition was being paid by him because he worked hard in the business & if she wanted to pay it instead of him, she was free to do so. Also, she was free to get a job while in school to earn extra money so he didn't have to send her money. If she really felt the distaste she was describing for his business, she was free to pay her own car payment, insurance, gas & auto maintenance. She could pay for her own health insurance also, as well as for all her own clothes. Trips & vacations could be paid for with HER earnings. It would be fine with him if he no longer "redistributed" his money to her.

Next: the father turned to the subject of the other college girl from town. He asked if his daughter had the same opportunities to attend parties; she did but she chose to study. He asked if his daughter had the same opportunities to make a wide circle of friends; she did but kept to herself because she chose to study. He asked if his daughter had the same opportunities to "have a good time" as the other girl; she said "yes, but I want straight A's so I study".

Last, he asked if his daughter considered herself a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, or whatever; she scoffed at him & said "I would never be a Republican! I am a Democrat! I believe in sharing with others! I believe in equality for all!"

So he made a suggestion: since both girls were going for the same degree, his daughter - with all her stated beliefs - should go to the Dean & ask him to take all of her good grades & all of the so-so grades of the other girl & average them together. That way, with his daughter's 'A' average & the other girl's 'C' average, they would both wind up with a 'B' average.
He patiently explained that, according to her stated belief in "redistribution", this would be FAIR.

As you might imagine, the daughter exploded! How could he even THINK of suggesting that? Why should she do that? What was wrong with him? She worked for her 'A' average! She wasn't about to change it to a 'B' just because someone else didn't study. She could NOT get a job because she had too much studying to do. How could he even THINK to ask her to do that?

So the father reminded her of her earlier statements
"I would never be a Republican! I am a Democrat! I believe in sharing with others! I believe in equality for all!"

"Whether you like it or not, you, my dear daughter" said her father "are a Republican about YOUR grades, but a Democrat about MY money."

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