Thursday, April 23, 2009

oops - I made a mistake

My post about 'Cap & Trade' is wrong. According to the professor at MIT, it is actually MORE than $3000 per household. There is an initial $800 cost to get with the program of releasing fewer greenhouse gases PLUS $3128 yearly cost.

Professor John Reilly is also trying to justify basing his projections much lower - because it has become a rallying point for Republicans. If Democrats were using them, I suppose he would be fine with it.

Now Prof. Reilly says that he believes the costs will "only" run about $800 more per year (and I hope you are sitting down & definitely NOT drinking anything because the following will cause you to snort) because Reilly ASSUMES the $3128 will be RETURNED to each household. More & more people who know about this sort of thing are saying that his projections are still too low.

Yes, in his dreamworld the government is going to rebate all that cost right back to each & every household. THE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO GIVE BILLIONS BACK TO THE PEOPLE. can stop snorting now & take a drink.

No wonder people no longer trust colleges & universities. Between this man's fuzzy math & his reality, is another entire universe. It's called THE REAL WORLD.

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