Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday thoughts....,

Checking back through this week's blogs, I see I could have stated some things more clearly or shorter...sorry about that. I am new to this so please be patient.

I have no 'followers' as of yet, but I just changed my template (as you will see if you've been here before) so maybe someday I will have some. There is always hope! :-) Plus, I am writing this for me. If you enjoy it, it makes you think or wonder or consider or check something, then all the better.

After being asked by my oldest son why the President flip-flopped about prosecuting former President Bush administration members regarding policies on dealing with terrorists, it got me to thinking. Why now? Well, here's my answer: because it is simple misdirection. Any talented magician can do this. President Obama, charming & charismatic (especially with a teleprompter), is drawing your attention away from other things:
1. falsely named EFCA (Employee Fair Choice Act) which will make it possible for more unionizing in a time when unions are going by the wayside & fewer employees want unions in their companies or employees do not want to go on strike but are being threatened with "huge fines" by their union (check out AT&T's union problems) if they do not strike or picket
2. the neutering of our military at exactly the time things are seriously heating up in Pakistan & elsewhere in the Middle East
3. the very likely government takeover of banks by the conversion of stock in the huge banks that accepted TARP monies
4. the takeover of GMC by the government
5. the millions of tax dollars promised to Mexico & Hamas (Palastenians)
6. the fact he is pressuring Israel to create a state for Palestine out of the small amount of land Israel actually has
7. the enormous amounts of money being spent by Congress & Senate
8. that 'Cap & Trade' is going to devastate many families already on the edge of poverty but he is planning to use the money to nationalize healthcare
9. not only has he not fired Napolitano, he is ignoring that she ignores U.S. immigration laws & publishes reports that are erroneous & based on ZERO facts
10. 'going green' is going to bankrupt many people, companies & industries
11. last thought - so we don't notice all the expensive & lavish parties going on at the White House while we are all watching our pennies

I wonder why, as President Obama has released memos that detail how info was gotten from terrorists that actually prevented attacks that were planned, he still will not release his birth certificate or his college records. It seems odd to me. There is probably nothing to see in either one, but not releasing them makes for many questions.

Some people are upset the president is pictured on the cover of a magazine in a swimsuit or basketball shorts with no shirt. I personally think it's undignified, but he thinks it's cool. My only question about it is it real or airbrushed or photoshop?

As we continue to hear that politicians really really really want to ignore the TEA Parties, more grassroots organizing is taking place. It would be smart for them to listen.

For every idiotic remark made & publicized by a hollywoodite there were thousands of wonderful, meaningful signs at TEA Parties. If you check out the pictures of the events on Flickr & elsewhere on the internet, you will see what I mean. btw, the parties had nothing whatsoever to do with including/excluding any race, creed, color, religion. Anyone who did not attend one should not be allowed to comment about them or judge them.

So many of the current/future Cabinet & Adminstration have serious issues ranging from being tax cheats (Geittner, Seibelius) to helping cheat in elections (Sims), so why in the world are ANY Republicans approving them? Are all Republicans becoming RINOs?

If any reporting on any network disparaged a gathering of hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators the way the TEA Parties were described, the FCC would have levied huge fines, reporters/commentators would have been fired, the stations/networks would be apologizing with full-page ads in the NYT. As it is, because many want to believe these were 'Republican-Conservative-Christian-white-FoxNews only' events, disgusting & abusive language has been used to describe them; even lauded. It will be considerably less comforting to those same abusers to realize they are also abusing 'Democrat-multifaith-nonwhite' attendees also. How sad for them to take such a low road. Just when I thought 'journalism' could sink no lower than openly campaigning for one candidate/party, (rather than simply reporting news), they sink to a level even lower than before. Sadly, I believe 'real journalism' is in it's death throes, having given way to 'commentary pretending to be reporting'.

Why don't discussions of the TEA Parties note that Republicans, in addition to Democrats, were castigated for their spending & outrageous behavior? Why isn't there any mention of Republicans who wanted to address TEA Parties being booed off the stage or not allowed on-stage at all? Was it because they were simply 'booed' rather than being rushed or threatened or physically harmed?

Conservative is NOT a dirty, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, mean word. Neither is Christian. Most of the media seems to believe both words are hatefilled.

Most of the American people have to live within a limited budget, so why doesn't our government?

My latest favorite explanation of a politician is: dirt stupid. I do not care what 'party' they represent - I am not represented by any of them.

Happy 83rd birthday to my Dad - a proud veteran & good Dad.

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