Monday, January 04, 2010

Time off....

Yes, it's true I needed time off from my blogging, however, the reality is that I have been busy flying back to Wisconsin, going thru rounds of tests at the U of Mn Hospital to make sure the melanoma hasn't returned (it hasn't), found that I do have bronchitis - time for antibiotics! Good news from Mark Reding, my Oncologist! Thanks to the staff, the team of docs & the care, AND MOST IMPORTANT, all the prayers, I am still going!!! 

About life...enjoyed seeing all 3 of my kids over Christmas break. Bear came back from college, Fred came home from his study-abroad in Spain, Taylor was able to come up from Dallas & work from home. The older they get, the more precious the time is because there will come a day when 1 or more are not able to be home for Christmas. They have all headed back (2 to college, 1 to job) to their lives. So, for now I am grateful they were here & am blessed to have the family time!

Now, on to politics. Are you keeping up? Me? sometimes yes, sometimes no. Quite frankly, I could not care less about the Tiger Woods story if you paid me. He & his family have to deal with whatever is going on at their home & in their lives -- I do NOT need to know. It it, quite frankly, none of my business! So, why in the world is there so much reporting on it? Another idiotic move on the part of so-called journalists. Enough already!!! The same goes with the Kardashians or any of the 't.v.' celebs -- I DO NOT CARE. Stop trying to create news from gossip & garbage. 

Start reporting on things like the Navy SEALS who are to be court-martialed because they did their job, brought in a much-sought after terrorist & now the terrorist is claiming abuse because he had a split lip? How insane is all this? The terrorists know all they have to do is cry 'abuse' & the tables turn. Is anyone surprised they do this with regularity? How anyone, especially in the military, could take this jerk seriously - put these 3 SEALS  their families through hell - is beyond any comprehension. Is it any wonder that the Armed Forces (all branches) are reporting moral is low? Go to my section on 'Interesting Places' & check out The JagHunter for more info. Be ready to be sickened by what you find though.

About our politicians....isn't it amazing they voted themselves nice raises, exempted themselves from their beloved 'health care reform' AND decided there will be no COLA (cost of living adjustment) for those on Social Security? Is there anyone, anywhere, who believes our politicians are working for the ordinary, everyday American? Every single one of those in politics need to be gone. If you continue to vote for 'your representative' because you think he/she is good, you need to rethink & do the research that will teach you that NO representative is worthy of being office. They all need to be GONE. I hope you have the guts to do what is right when it comes time to vote.

I am reading Going Rogue by Sarah Palin. Revile me if you want, but I admire the woman. She was an ordinary person & that is something (I believe) the press & the good-ol-boy network were not going to stand for...if she came into being politically without owing anything to PACs or groups or certain other politicians, then she had to be ripped & shredded. How dare an ordinary person run for office? Now, as I read her book & have listened to interviews since she was slaughtered by the mainstream media & the 'press', I can understand that they did not accomplish what they set out to do - destroy her. I like her for that. 

It is truly shameful that we as citizens, allow this garbage to happen. TVs should have been turned off mainstream channels with letters written to show WHY & the same with newspapers - they are hurting already, begging for the prez to rescue them, & all should have been canceled with letters to their board telling WHY. There was no fairness in the reporting or the interviewing. The current prez skated into the White House with no more vetting than is done for paper towel brands. He is a fraud, a liar, a cheat, a narcissist & will say or do anything to pretend he knows what he is talking about. Unfortunately, with him & the congress we have now, our debts will NEVER BE PAID OFF.

What scares me most is that my children are supposed to inherit a better world from me. That is not possible. They were bamboozled by the flash & the press & the 'instant' news. Now, unfortunately, they are beginning to see how much trouble their generation is in & are trying to figure out what to do about fixing it. My advice is to THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE. Investigate. Read. Talk to others. Listen to all candidates without prejudice of party. Then make a valid decision. Unless these things are done, don't bother to vote. Those who fell for the 'flash' are now sad that their own future is now a mess. They should have stayed home rather than vote for a pretender. Only now are they seeing that.

Enough wandering for back soon!

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