Sunday, December 06, 2009

more GIGO

Left off some that a friend called me about:
  • Bad Girls - some warped premise where a bunch of trashy, tacky, trash-talking, infantile females (I guess) live in a house & run around to different clubs getting drunk, more foul mouthed, more assinine than when they are in the 'house'. It's my understanding this is a premier show on the Oxygen network -- isn't that Oprah's business? Why would she even begin to think of promoting this garbage? Oh Never mind the question.
  • Do not actually know the name of these but the premise as explained to me, is a bunch of trashy, slutty, bitchy females vie for the attention of some has-been rocker. Guess they are to become the 'love of his life'? sad if that is the best either can do.
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette where some guy/gal has their pick of females/males who (again, yawn) vie for his/her attention & the 'privilege' of being proposed to by the idiot the show centers on. As each is dropped, they profess their 'love' for whomever & go merrily along their way - getting paid, but just not the big payoff of the winner.
  • Same as the above, but add in that the Mother of the bachelor/bachelorette helps pick out the 'winner'. From what I was told, there isn't much to choose from so what do you do? Pick the best of the worst? not a show I plan to see.
  • Lost has something to do with people supposedly stranded somewhere & how they react & act. Mostly infantile, trashy, back-stabbing, bed hopping. 
  • Full Throttle Saloon is supposedly about a saloon that makes it's yearly money during the Sturgis bike run. From the ads, mostly all I see is girls stripping in hopes of making money & not being raped on camera (I'm guessing about that last one). The owner whines continuely about money/lack of money. So? I'd rather see the bikes. Drunks acting stupid is a daily occurance around the world - show the motorcycles instead!
So, if you show up in one of these crappy, worthless shows, do you proudly call home to tell your parents & friends to watch as you strip, are fondled by strangers, act like a tramp, etc? If you wind up in a Girls Gone Wild video, do you call & tell parents to watch? How about Grandparents? Do parents, grandparents, family, friends - do they brag that their loved one is stripping in a video or note it in their Christmas cards?

I've always wondered how many who watch those shows wind up meeting those females in, say, an interview or at a party or simply at the coffee shop. Do you ask for their autograph? Do you ask for a date? Do you laugh & look away all the while planning on gossiping about it when you get to work or school?

Maybe there should be a new show: REACTIONS OF THE PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS/FRIENDS OF THOSE APPEARING IN _____________ SHOW. Just wait, there will be something like that coming to a channel near you.

Watch the weather channel or Fox News. Or better still, talk with your children & really listen to them for a change, read a book, volunteer, clean out your sock drawer.

These things are all a better use of time.

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