Friday, January 29, 2010

In a short period of time.....warp?

There are many who would have you believe that because a) Republican governor was elected in New Jersey & Virginia AND b) a Republican Senator was elected to replace Kennedy in Mass. we should all believe things are fundamentally changing in Washington, DC -- that by some miracle of miracles those in 'power' are suddenly going to hear the ground swell that has been since April 15th of 2009.

Not to rain on your parade.....but I sincerely doubt it. Right now, everySenator & Rep who is up for re-election is busy running around saying/doing "all the right things" to convince voters that they have HEARD, that they are LISTENING, that they are RESPONDING.

What these seasoned politicians are responding to/listening to/hearing is their seat being flushed down a drain & now is the time they (much like the POTUS) will say or do ANYTHING to get re-elected. As soon as that happens, they will return to business as usual.

During the 'process' they will try to convince you that what you have seen thus far is not REAL, that what you have seen has many INTERPRETATIONS, that what you the voter already know, is fundamentally WRONG about them. They will sing, dance, repent, pray, bow down at your feet & beg you to give them another chance.

My feeling is this: IF A REP or SENATOR HAS BEEN IN OFFICE LONGER THAN 2 TERMS, THEIR TIME IS UP. It is time to put in new blood. It is time to start over.

ALSO, if, during their last 'run for the roses' they made promises that they have directly/indirectly contradicted, it is time to cut them loose. If you have children, please explain to me how many times you will be happy about them LYING to you? Then apply the same standards -- nothing less -- to your Rep or Senator.

Remember as they promise, promise, promise: we had a lot of hope & change promises in the elections of 2008. We are now in a depression -- funded by tax dollars all the way into this abyss. We are now faced with a POTUS who can stand in front of his teleprompters & blame everyone from the Supreme Court to Bush (geez, that is SO old), to those nasty Republicans to tea party people (tea baggers as he has called us) to everyone except the one most important: HIMSELF.

Why does he bear no responsibility other than those named above not falling into line with his demands? I hold him very accountable. I believe the buck stops here -- at the White House where he has gathered many moneyed people like Soros & the fat-cat union leaders -- yet he bears no claim to responsibility. It is always someone else's fault.

As far as I am concerned, it IS his fault. It is his failure to lead in the war on terrorists, the closing of Gitmo, the enabling of terrorist trials in the U.S. for war criminals, the spending of money, the pork, the special interests.....the list is darn near endless.

So, remember as you receive calls, mail, emails, etc. -- the election will tell the rest of our country not so much about who we elect as who WE are that are doing the electing.

Are you up to the task of separating b.s. political jargon & reality? I hope & pray so. Our country is truly, honestly, completely at stake here.

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