Friday, January 08, 2010

And so it begins

AGAIN we are about to hear the potus stand up, read from his teleprompters & tell us peons how HE plans to engender job growth through GREEN jobs.

Has he bothered to read the papers regarding what happened in Spain when that country moved to GREEN jobs? For a short period of time, unemployment actually went down. For a short period of time. Then the jobs ended. The unemployment rate went way up AGAIN. And has stayed there. The jobs have been shown to take permanent jobs away from the private sector as well as reducing output. Then you add in the burdensome costs these GREEN JOBS added to every single family. There are major scientific & financial reports available for everyone to read. Simple enough to find on the internet & I am certain these people in the the administration already have them.

Does this mean that none of the potus' advisors can read or that they simply are choosing to ignore the reports? How about our (supposed) representatives in congress? Surely of 435 house of reps plus their staff members & 100 senators plus their staff members -- surely someone can read & comprehend what is imminently comprehensible to us simple peons.

Or am I expecting too much from those 2 branches of government?

Is there any hope any more that any of those in Washington are actually looking out for us?

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