Thursday, February 04, 2010

and you are surprised why?

I do not normally link to anything on CNN but was too lazy to look this story up on Fox (if, in fact, they are covering it) but for those of you - like me - who are basking in your ignorance of what a woman's virginity counts for.....guess the world will soon know. At least the U. S. will know what one young woman's is worth. If you read the story you will see that a young woman (22) is auctioning off her virginity.

Yes you read that correctly: her VIRGINITY. One of the lines in the story comes from a woman who runs a sex site on the internet that virginity can be "a burden" at some point -- wow, now there's a 'trusted news source' to go to for comment & this story concerns the fact the young woman claims she has a 3.8 million bid, from a guy in Australia but she has not closed the final price yet. She is doing this through a house of prostitution in Nevada (legal in that state) even though she lives in California. She also seems to follow the 60's mantra of 'if it feels good, do it' allowing that prostitution is not a problem with her even though this is certainly equivalent. She wants to be accepted for herself. Whoever that may be. What ever her thinking may be.

Get in line honey. EVERYONE wants to be accepted for themself. You are no different. You are simply paving the way for people to ogle you, devalue you, degrade you, decide that you are simply a waste. If your virginity is/was such a problem, then maybe you should have had sex with one of those exes you've supposedly talked to who support you in this. It's a stretch but so what?

Now we get to the central point for ME though: I was a feminist was back when it meant the equality of every person. Not the bastardized version being sold today that women are better than men or that color of skin has one whit to do with capability - it actually was a time when we women had to put up with male customers ogling us, hitting on us at work with little/no recourse other than to change jobs, a boss that promoted based on a guy being his buddy, less pay for the same job as a guy. We had to work twice as hard to be thought of as half as good at our jobs. And we did. We worked hard, fought hard, made inroads into corporate America.

And along comes this bimbo putting the struggle in jeopardy by her very acknowledgment that she is simply a piece of meat to be bought &  sold. She is selling herself.There is no pimp to blame. There is no crisis to blame. She simply wants money & this is a means to an end. Selling herself -- her very physical being -- will have consequences. After reading, rereading & rerereading the article, I realized it won't be anytime soon that she will understand that, no matter how much money she whores herself out for, it won't be enough to cover the fact she whored herself. She did it to herself. She will have to live with it.

Silly me! With 3 children - here's what I wish for each of them: that they are old enough to understand sex will involve very intense emotions; that the person they experience their 'first time' with will be someone who loves & adores & values the person they are. Ideally, I would like it if they wait until marriage, however, as they are older & more mature, they must make that decision on their own. I want them to be able to talk to me about making the decision & I hope & pray they will each be deeply, committedly in love with the person & believe there is a future for them together. Again, these are their decisions & I will certainly support them & love them & provide answers if they have questions. But, most of all, I want their first time to mean something more than a sales transaction or a drunken one-night stand. I want them to be as treasured for the person each of them is, as I know them to be: special, warm-hearted, caring, funny, fun, loving, kind. 

Some day, if she should ever have a daughter, I wonder if she will advise her to wait until later & then auction off herself as a whore also. What a legacy to pass on.

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