Monday, June 08, 2009

the magic of MIS-DIRECTION continues.....

No matter what anyone says or thinks, obama has planned all along to make us just like England & Australia, etc: NO GUNS. period. Simple. Forget the 2nd Amendment if you are an ordinary citizen of this country. Pretend it never existed. It won't exist soon - at least not in the way most citizens read it, studied it, believed the rights it granted.

Guns are - if he has his own way - only to be had for police (in certain areas, under certain circumstances, distributed by certain government agencies ONLY), obama's own version of brown-shirts & his body guards, military only if necessary & that too will be decided by his version of a government watch group.

This is my view right now on him: that MAGICIAN TRAINING is PAYING OFF BIG TIME. It is the magician's oldest & best trick: MIS-DIRECTION.

stirs up controversy by a small-time argument such as SCOTUS nominee, then jets around on his second apology tour across the 'big water': both are simple mis-direction.

All the while people are watching HIM with his b.s. back in the U.S., bills are being created, & some passed, that are not even being looked at by Americans yet they will definitely affect how Americans live their lives.

Unfortunately, he is good at it. AND worse yet, he will have 'deniability' -- geez, I was out of the country, I cannot control congress, I didn't know, etc. etc. etc. All the while, HIS wants are being fulfilled by his little minions in the senate & the house of representatives.

Don't believe me? Think about this for a while. Think about him having the temerity to lecture Muslims on how they need to feel & think of Israel all the while he is lecturing Israel about how they must give up Jerusalem as well as part of their country (gained in a war or not) because, well, he SAYS so. And some idiot woman delivers the line: Michelle Obama should TALK to Muslim women & they would be different; they would listen to HER because she is such a 'great lady'.

EXCUSE ME? WHAT? ARE YOU INSANE or JUST ON SOME REALLY REALLY REALLY STRONG PSYCHOTIC DRUGS? What is it, exactly, she has done to deserve such glowing praise? Shown up at a soup-kitchen wearing 400+ dollar tennis shoes, for a photo op. Oh, I forgot. In the midst of all this financial turmoil, most everyday people spend $400 or more on their sneakers.

With a teleprompter, obama can deliver a speech with the right inflections, the right pauses, the right emphasis on certain passages. Without a teleprompter, he is a mess. The 'ums, ahs, wells, ohs, ummmms' drive me to the point that, as with al bore - excuse me, - al gore, uh, um, well, I , um, well, um ah, cannot stand to watch. It is pathetic. As well as painful to watch. MIS-DIRECTION

Trying to be fair, I actually TRIED to watch al bore's movie & I couldn't get past his ignorant command of the english language. He stutters & stammers & doesn't seem to know what he is about to say, what he has just said, and why he is even talking about any of this stuff. Oh, yeah - the money he is planning to make if he can just get enough people to believe in HIS theory of global warming. These are classic signs - as with obama - of lying. Either by COMMISSION or OMISSION. Which one? Only time will tell.

Since obama seems to be a darling of the hollyweird crowd, he can go on to be a 'great actor' once his career as POTUS is over. Altho, I a just waiting to see how long it is before pelosi or biden or reid or some other sycophant proposes to get rid of term limits for the POTUS. Just wait, it will happen. MIS-DIRECTION

But someone better start telling the truth. The 'magic show' continues but don't ever say you were not warned. Remember:

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  1. Regarding abolishing term limits for POTUS, that bill is already in committee.


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