Monday, July 27, 2009

My head has been spinning.....

I am beginning to feel like the girl in the movie "The Exorcist" - Regan (sp?) - when her head spun around & around & absolutely nothing good came from it.

Sorry to have taken such a long break....I honestly needed it. I was on overload. Now, I am still on overload, but I think I am getting a better handle on dealing with it.

Several things, most of which I will comment on to a greater extent soon, are buzzing around in my head. BIG SURPRISE COMING (this would be called a 'spoiler' if I were talking about a movie) - the bailouts are NOT, I repeat NOT working. If there is anyone in America who is surprised by this revelation, you need serious therapy. And soon. Now there is talk of a 'SECOND bailout'. Excuse me because I do not have a college degree, but there was a bailout passed in the fall - HAD to be done - while Prez Bush was still in office. THAT IS ONE. Then Prez Obama is elected & another bailout passed. THAT IS TWO. So what is all the talk about a 2nd bailout when, in actuality (& reality), it would be the THIRD BAILOUT. Can someone explain how this works? The 1st one did nothing, the 2nd one did even less (unless you count signmakers business improving to put up signs to tell you how well the 'bailout' projects are working on highways throughout our nation - especially since the $ for that work was already headed there before bho even thought about making signs). Now, the Prez wants to return to the well which, by the way, is bone-dry, for ANOTHER bailout.

The bailouts were not predicted to work. The 'transparency' is more opaque now than it was when Bush & Clinton were in office. So, realistically, what have we gained? A huge debt that has no hope of being repaid. Union officials are happy because they are sitting pretty. An entire car manufacturing company - GM - is now truly 'government motors' & no one has said they will be looking to buy no matter how good the deals look. So, it seems the answer to that is to punish car companies that did not need, or did not take, bailouts & become part & parcel of the government.

Now we are faced with 'NATIONAL HEALTHCARE'. Oh, excuse me. National Healthcare is no longer the way to label this....NEW LABEL is this: Government Health INSURANCE. This has been spun so many ways by so many people that it makes a cotton candy cone look simple. As a permanently disabled, Medicare-dependent person, I will be the first in line to say this is not only a ridiculous, pathetic idea -- it is very dangerous. Even my doctors are worried that if the cancer returns, under 'obama-care', I will not be allowed treatment. You see, after battling for 10 years, putting my family & friends thru hell with me, I will be told to go home, have 'palliative care' until such time as hospice is needed & that will be the end of it.

I am not stupid - I know my care has been expensive & losing our private insurance was a significant blow. Fighting with Medicare -- they want to deny me support for a g-tube which I have had since Dec. 15th, 1998 because I cannot swallow -- is tough. I jump thru hoops. I send emails. I make phone calls. But once the government got into the mix, the cost of a g-tube went up 500%. YES, you are reading that right. 500%. The simplest explanation is that the gov't does not want to pay for it. So they make it as difficult as possible. I do not blame my supplier - to even break even, they HAVE to bill at the exorbitant rate just to have a chance of getting anything near the actual cost. It will get much worse as this 'Healthcare Insurance' wanders around in Washington D.C. Mark my words. This is the reality. I am supposed to use an enteral feeding supply -- however, to do this, it will cost me approximately $700-$800 per month for my 20% of the Medicare coverage of the other 80%. I cannot afford that. Not now, not ever.

Turning this country into a pale imitation of 1970's Russia is absolutely not the answer. If any politician votes in favor of this travesty, I believe there must be a recall election immediately for that politician. These 'people in power' are still so swayed - Republican & Democrat & ? - by the magician that they are following the Piped Piper, just as the rats did while he merrily played a tune.

It is time for the 'sleeping giant' which encompasses the majority of the United States to awaken & slap these people down. They are supposed to work FOR us, not the other way around.

Last thought this early a.m. - if this healthcare package is so damned great, why are all the politicians EXEMPTING themselves, their own familes AND federal employees from this? It is absolutely true. One set of rules for us peons, one set of rules for those who believe they are above all of us, the elitists who are now in government in a huge way.

This is SUPPOSED to be a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.

You & I are 'the people', just in case you are confused. Set aside all the excuses you have been giving for your particular representative: well he/she has brought jobs in, gotten projects for parks, improved our roads -- whatever your excuse is, it is not good enough to justify keeping them in office as they decimate our country & enrich themselves. How can they be millionaires after ONE term in office yet only bring in a paycheck of less than $200,000? How is this possible? Think about it. You know the answer. And it ain't pretty.

Are YOU going to stand up & say "I've had enough & I'm not gonna take it anymore"? Do you have the courage to do what is right? Do you have the fortitude to be labeled, as I have, a racist, homophobe, anti-immigration, KKK member, slut, ignorant, mean, cold, uncaring? Although I have been called those things & worse, I am still speaking out. Someone has to.

Will it be you? Or will you sit back hoping & praying your world doesn't change & you won't have to get active?

Either way, you must make a choice. The time to sit & wring your hands or change the channel or not listen to what is happening -- that time has long passed you by.

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